Sunday, April 18, 2010

Our last trip to the Dog Park for a while...

Well, I had a great time but mom says we can't go back to the Dog Park for a while, we have to wait for it to dry up.  WHY?   I like the mud!

      Uh Oh , mom doesn't look pleased...

 Well, I did end up getting a bath when we got home.   It was worth it!

Mom really likes this shampoo for me. She says it makes my coat shiny and soft and doesn't dry out my skin.
I like it too, it smells like coconuts!

                             It's good to be clean!


  1. OoOoO WOW that looks like Ryker had fun!!!!
    and I LOVE the smell of coconuts!! Ace has a special puppy organic shampoo that smells like raspberries!! YUM!
    Ah! Yes the little ones are SO much fun, but they are ALOT of work haha!!
    I was wondering, when did Ryker really start to grasp everything, like obedience and really listening, I suppose I ask because Ace can do tricks and will listen....most of the time, but I always feel like he is testing us! haha Hes a sneaky little guy!!
    PS Ace LOVES mud too!! He hates his baths though!! lol

  2. We love mud too! It makes the bath tub all brown :) We will have to check out that shampoo. It sounds pretty good to me!

    Emma Rose

  3. There's always a price to pay for fun. Looks like yours was well worth it!

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