Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Summer fun in Alaska

Hard to believe it is August already!   I'm am all healed up and having tons of fun...Making new friends...

 Been back to the lake on a regular basis.  I can't tell you how much I love going there!

 We are having some fresh caught side-stripe shrimp for dinner, I love the tails!

 Cousin Bev left us after a month long visit, she is headed to Washington State for her great grandson's 6th Birthday. We will miss her!

The cabinets are being installed in the new house this week.  Mama could not be more pleased with them!

Daddy's sister is coming from Germany for a visit in a week!!!  Then mama goes back to work mid-August :(    We hope to move into our new house in September.  It has been a busy summer that is for sure!

 Just remember to take time to smell the Moose Poop!


Thursday, June 15, 2017

Hello from the HOOD!

Hi Ya All!   Just wanted to give you and update on my recovery from TPLO knee surgery and why we haven't been blogging much lately.


My Physical Therapist says I'm doing good and has me on an exercise plan. It has been almost six weeks since my surgery and two more weeks till I can go to the lake and swim!  I can't wait to get back in real water cuz this walking tank is for the birds!

 We have had some nice weather, not enough for Mama but I'm not so picky. 

Here I am out side at 10pm with Pickles and Karma. They like to hunt at dusk. They told me the mice are active this time of night.

Here is Mama's big project.  We visit every day, soon Dad will work on the data wiring and then the drywall goes up!

Mama spent half the day today choosing tile and carpet. She seems pretty pleased with her choices. Things are moving at a fast pace and we hope to move in October.

So all in all, things are going well.  Cousin Bev gets here the 28th so she can go to the lake with me!
In August dad's sister is coming again from Germany for a visit.  The summer is zooming by!  Hope yours is wonderful! 


Monday, May 15, 2017

Happy Mothers Day 2017

Ryker had his TPLO knee surgery on the 8th and is doing well.   They did have to remove one of his meniscus as well.

If the cone of shame is not on out come the stapels, it has been proven.

Lots of rest is in order...

Lucky for him his kitty buddies are keeping him company!

Cuz that's what family is all about.

Saturday, April 22, 2017


Life has been hectic at our house.  I have two bad knees, Dad has his issues and Mama is planning out new house that is about to be built.

The Vet got me all ready for surgery but I did not react well to the medicine given so we had to cancel and he gave me a lot of fluids to flush it out of my system.  Took me till 9pm before I was acting right.



Now I'm sporting a fancy new hair cut!





Here I am on my Birthday!    Nice cake mama!








 Mama says this is my official 8th Birthday photo





And here are some ideas for the new house....



The lot...




                             Master Bath




Pendants over the island...



Guest bath...



Fireplace surround...


Hope you are all enjoying spring weather.  It has warmed up here and the snow is melting fast.  Muddy and wet out with lots of sunshine.  Mama says I can't run till 12 weeks after my surgery which is scheduled for May 8th...Grrrrrr.

So I want all my friends to get out there and run around for me!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

I Play Hard...torn ACL

Well now I've gone and done it!  When I play I play hard with total disregard for my body and injuries.  Vet man said I've torn my ACL and I may need surgery.  Mama is taking me to a specialist to get more information before we make a plan.

In the meantime no more fun in the snow :(


And mama says no jumping and running!

What's a dog to do?????

 This is bad news, I'm so very sad about this but want to get better so will have to comply.

 It's not in my nature to be still, play is my middle name.  Mama is a Nurse and is not cutting me any slack.  Whoa is me...


Saturday, February 4, 2017


Snow dump in progress, it is really coming down.  When we wish for snow up here this is what we are wishing for!  Soooo pretty, and lots of shovel attacking for me!  I can bite a shovel faster than you can!

Mama loves taking snowy pictures of me, go figure.

Snow Frisbee is a major workout!

You can really sink your teeth into it!

 Just make sure there is someone around to dig you out should you disappear!

This is some deep S**t

Once I have broken trail the going gets easier. 

Snooter Snow Face

 Future Christmas card shot...

 Panda Bear?

 The aftermath... nothing like a warm shower to melt your troubles away.

 Expecting four days of sun followed by lots more snow.  I say BRING IT ON!


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