Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Animal Rescue

We have also been in the rescue business. The other day it was a little live mouse the cat brought in alive. Ryker scooped it up in his mouth, saw me and ran outside with it. I made him drop it and it was amazingly alright. We took him into the forest and let him go.
Next was a female robin. brought in alive but a bit stressed! I put her in the hanging flower basket to rest. She sat there for an hour and then flew away. I always feel better when we have a successful rescue!


  1. That robin looks like a baby. Don't they have spots until they mature? Or am I thinking of a fawn? : )


  2. Pat,
    |Your correct,I did a little research and it was a juvenile. It was so big I just jumped to a wrong conclusion. I knew the males had a bright rust colored breast so I just figured it was the female. The adults must be huge! I hardly ever see them that close let alone in my hands!


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