Monday, June 21, 2010

Road Trip

We took a drive up Turnagain Arm heading to a lovely greenhouse call Forget-me-not Nursery in Indian Alaska.

Mom said it was time to leave...pssshhh, I'm not ready yet!

However, it is a very pretty drive to and from the Nursery.  We stopped and saw Mt. goats way up on the peaks with their babies. We saw an eagle and a swan. I got to play in a waterfall and then we stopped at Potter's Marsh and I saw lots of water birds with their young!
Can you see the Canadian goose family in the water above my head?  Here is a closer view...
 And the next one is a Grebe with a baby on it's back!
All in all, a pretty cool outing!


  1. Ryker, did you buy any cool plants? What a beautiful day you had. Postcard pawfect!


  2. Wow How Beautiful! Ryker that is...haha
    Alaska sure is a wonderfully amazing place! I hope to go back one day! I went on a cruise once and it was just spectacular! Ryker sure is lucky to live in such a great spot!!

  3. The Alaskan wildlife and scenery is so amazing. I'd love to take one of the cruises up there that's based out of Seattle. That shot of inside the nursery is so lush and green and colorful. Road trips are so much fun!

  4. Your pictures are outstanding. They could easily be framed or featured on picture postcards!


    P.S.Ryker looks pretty outstanding, too! : )

  5. Beautiful flowers, great view, great place and you're so handsome in the pictures. What a fun day you had.

  6. What a beautiful area to go for walks in.


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