Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ryker walks through the gardens

I love mama's gardens..........        




  1. Lovely flowers! I can't believe you have not re-landscaped the yard for your Mom! We used to have a pretty yard too ---- well, until I came to live here :)
    Now it is much better suited for us 4 leggers to run through! The Duchess says it's a mess, but I think it's perfect!

    Emma Rose

  2. just lovely! someone's got quite the green thumb. not like anyone in this household... we barely keep the house plants alive.

  3. What a beautiful garden you have. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures! The flowers are so lucky to have you as you let them be there to show their beauty to the world. Our Eva girl might have brought them down to the earth!!!

  4. Beautiful garden and flowers! I love your bleeding heart, especially. I have one of those and I just love it when it's in its full glory.

  5. Thank you! We are blessed with long hours of daylight here. It is a short but intense growing season and we are all so starved from the long winter that we do really enjoy gardening here! It is contagious and I have gotten many of my friends hooked now. My father was a master gardener and got me hooked!


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