Thursday, July 22, 2010

Roof Top Frisbee Anyone??

             We were having a great game of Rooftop Frisbee when "someone" got heavy handed!

                           So I gave him a wood handled whisk broom to knock it out of the tree...
                                             Go figure!
                                         Well, the recovery was made and on went the game....
                                          What a great day filled with fun in the sun!


  1. I love all those photos, but particularly the fourth one!! What a great action shot ... and chompers!! Glad the frisbee was able to be recovered. It would be so much fun if you were able to attend the August get-together but I know it's a bit far. You and Ryker will be there in spirit though, right!

  2. I wish Daisy, our coonhound, could run free in the front yard and play frisbee but because of her breed I know she would run off and find a tree to climb in order to find a squirrel!
    Great pictures...you must have a fantastic camera!
    By the way, don't furget to add your link to my blog hop/Thankful Fur 3 Thursday post!

  3. LOL! Never seen anyone do that before and I loved it! Wonderful action shots :)

  4. Ryker, you are one amazing dog, but how is you spose to get the frisbee out of the trees and off the roof??


  5. Ryker, You really are amazing! Are the biggest "player" I've ever seen ;)

  6. Great recovery! How did you get it down? Higgin's ball ended up in the rain-gutter last week. The Duke had to get the big ladder out and climb up to "fetch" it:)

    Emma Rose

  7. OK, Dad got the stuff stuck in the tree and mom made him climb the ladder and fetch it for me. I could have climbed the ladder but mom wouldn't let me!
    ~I love you guys!


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