Monday, July 19, 2010


Mom had a bad experience with spiders as a child and is afraid of them still. I didn't want to frighten her but we have the most beautiful spider living on the stair rail of our house. Just look and see if you don't agree.
I think I'll name her Charlotte. Is that a nest of babies?

Here she is dining on some poor fool who got fouled in her web. Mothers have to keep up their energy!

I enjoy watching her. Mom almost named me Wilbur...can you believe it!


  1. OMG how precious!!!
    AHH though, I HATE spiders....I am absolutely terrified..I think Ace knows that so he squashes them and/or eats them up! haha

    What kind of spider is that?!?! I have never seen such a thing! It is very pretty though. I wonder is t poisonous???

    The last pic is just awesome! Ryker could be a Wilbur!! haha

  2. Eeeeeek! I meant (lowering voice) Aaaaaak! Ate one of those once by mistake. Tasted really bad. Kind of like Chinese herbs with hair. Really cool photo of the nasty thing :)

    Hoping you'll obliterate the nest with a well placed flick of your frisbee,

  3. Hahaha! For some reason this post shows up on my computer in the "wingdings" font (all symbols). I thought it was some kind of secret mystery message so I copied it to Word and translated it. Nope! It's just my computer being crazy...

  4. Oh no, spiders are a no no to us as well. The crawlies are really scary and we never like them at all.


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