Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday


  1. Love the eyes. And we play bow right back at ya.

  2. You look so soft and cuddly! Makes me want to snuggle :)

    Emma Rose

  3. Okay, Ryker, what did you just do? Did you just swallow a canary? Or eat something else that wasn't allowed? Or are you just giving us the "eye" that you need a walk? Either way, your mom took an excellent picture and you are the perfect subject!

  4. Ryker, are you all wet and drying yourself off? That's what it looks like to me cuz Bandit does the same thing. Love your new blog header!! Oh, and to answer you, I would have LOVED to have brought Pearl home. All those puppies are so darn cute!! If you check the web site, it looks like a few have homes already.

  5. What great pics! I love your latest posts as well!! How long and how did you get Ryker to Catch the frisbee in the air???
    Happy Birthday to Grandma!!! Looks like a great time!
    Ryker is just SO cute! :)

  6. We started throwing the Frisbee and he would run and pick it up off the ground...took a while before he got fast enough to catch it. We would praise him when he caught it and then it just grew into the jumping. We also go him to catch treats and balls in mid air so that helps the idea. He will jump threw a hula hoop too! I'll have to get some photos of that.
    Hah, Bandit is his brother...he was trying to get dry after a swim in the lake! Looks like Jamie and Cindy will be keeping 2 of the pups!


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