Saturday, August 7, 2010

Change my name to ...

Ryker's furever friend Kosmo loves to hunt in the garden. Lately at night he will come jump up on the bed and as I pet him I kept feeling something wet in his fur. Huh?
Ewe! Think I'll change his name to Sluggo! I picked five of them out of his damp belly hair last night. Sure enough he had more tonight! I must admit that we do have a lot of baby slugs in the yard now but get real!
The man of the house is totally grossed out. I'm a gardener so not that big a deal for me, I just don't want them in my bed!
Ryker thinks it is all very funny!


  1. Ugh that's just gross!! How can you hold them in your hand?!?! I'd scream!!!

  2. Haha! I've pulled these little yuckies out of my mini Aussie's fur, too. Awful!

  3. Ewww. Slimy sluggies in sheeties. I'd go back to sleeping in my den if I were Ryker.

    Bad putty tat,

  4. We live in Slugville too, but slugs in the bed, is pretty icky. Sluggo Kitty, might be an outdoors kitty!


  5. Hop, hop, hop....yuck slugs! Miss Mia, the Princess has just been domesticated. She is not too happy but no fleas or slugs in bed...

  6. Five?!! Wow. He is a dedicated slug collector! Outside i'm fine with slugs and snails, but in my bed, I don't know if I could handle that.... :P Yuck!

  7. LOL!
    Nobody has brought a slug in yet but I picked out a fuzzy yellow caterpillar off of my foster's butt a couple days ago. Poor caterpillar must have been very confused about where he was :-)


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