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What not to feed your dog/good info.

Here is some good info. gleaned from other websites...

What NOT To Feed Your Dog

  • Fat scraps-- make dog fat, cause pancreatic disease, diarrhea
  • Dairy products-- cause diarrhea, develop lactose intolerance in adults
  • Liver-- too much causes diarrhea, vitamin A and D toxicity
  • Chocolate, all kind-- it’s like poison to your dog’s system. Dogs can’t process it.
  • Coffee, tea, caffeine-- Deadly, affects heart and nervous systems.
  • Raw eggs-- skin and coat problems, may contain salmonella
  • Anti-freeze-- Poison,Deadly, like poison Cause death.
  • Windshield fluid-- Poison,Deadly, like poison Cause death.
  • Brake fluid--Poison, Deadly, like poison Cause death.
  • Raw fish only diet-- cause Vitamin B deficiency, loss appetite, death.
  • Baby food-- in large amounts, nutritional deficiency
  • Cat food-- usually too high in protein and fats for dogs
  • Alcoholic beverages-- causes intoxication and death

  • Citrus oil extracts-- can cause vomiting
  • Grapes, raisins-- cause toxin, damage kidneys
  • Marijuana-- depress nervous system, cause vomiting, change heart rate
  • Salt-- large amounts lead to electrolyte imbalance
  • Corn cobs-- pieces gets stuck in stomach and block off the intestine.
  • Spoiled food-- contain toxins causing diarrhea, vomiting, damage organs
  • Mushrooms-- contain toxins, cause shock, result in death
  • Onions & garlic-- damage blood cells, cause anemia
  • Peach, plum pits-- cause obstruction in digestive tract
  • Cooked bones-- they splinter, stick or puncture in digestive tract
  • Rat poison Poison,will cause a long, lingering death.
  • Any rodent or insect poison--Poison, cause long, lingering death.


Don't feed your dog in combined food/water combo bowls. Dog food is likely to contaminate the water side of the combo. Use separate dishes and do NOT feed your dog in a plastic bowl. Plastic can cause your dog to have allergies, can contain bacteria as well as hold odors we cannot smell, but a finicky dog will, and he may refuse to eat. Use the shinny metal stainless steel or ceramic bowls… your dog will appreciate it.
Another bit of advice—do not teach your dog to “beg” at the table. All this does is encourage him/her to beg for more scraps from the table. Pretty soon your dog will need a diet. Dogs should never eat from the human table so don’t get it started with “begging.”
When your dog is finished eating, do as we do… wait an hour before exercising him. Yes, wait an hour or so before going for that long walk. If you plan to RUN your dog, you might wait longer than an hour. This advice has turned up in more than one place. Dogs need a chance to digest just as we do.

There are a number of websites offering quality dog food with no preservatives, holistic ingredients or ingredients that have never been exposed to harmful chemicals. They may cost more, but the extra cost is nothing compared to what you will be paying a vet when your dog shows up with cancer, pancreatic disorder, hypothyroidism or any number of other problems!

ALPHABETICAL ORDER: High score is best
Authority Harvest Baked / Score 116 A+
Bil-Jac Select / Score 68 F
Canidae / Score 112 A+
Chicken Soup Senior / Score 115 A+
Diamond Maintenance / Score 64 F
Diamond Lamb Meal & Rice / Score 92 B
Diamond Large Breed 60+ Formula / Score 99 A
Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance Ultra Premium / Score 122 A+
Dick Van Patten's Duck and Potato / Score 106 A+
Eagle Pack Holistic / Score 119 A+
Eagle Pack Holistic Chicken / Score 114 A+
Eagle Pack Large and Giant Breed Puppy / Score 94 A
Eagle Pack Natural / Score 94 A
Eukanuba Large Breed Adult / Score 83 C
Eukanuba Natural Lamb and Rice / Score 87 B
Flint River Ranch / Score 92 B (non-specific fat source)
Foundations / Score 106 A+
Hund-n-Flocken Adult Dog (lamb) by Solid Gold / Score 93 A
Iams Lamb Meal & Rice Formula Premium / Score 73 D
Iams Large Breed / Score 83 C
Innova Dog / Score 114 A+
Innova Evo / Score 114 A+
Kirkland Signature Chicken, Rice, and Vegetables / Score 110 A+
Kirkland Signature Puppy Chicken, Rice and Vegetable / Score 108 A+
Natural Balance Duck and Potato / Score 114 A+
Nutrisource Lamb and Rice / Score 87 B
Nutro Chicken, Rice, & Oatmeal / Score 85 C (non-specific fat source)
Nutro Natural Choice Large Breed Puppy / Score 87 B
Nutro Natural choice Lamb and Rice / Score 85 C
Ol Roy / Score 9 F
Pedigree Complete Nutrition / Score 42 F
Pedigree Adult Complete / Score 14 F
Pet Gold Adult with Lamb & Rice / Score 23 F
Pro Plan All Breed / Score 68 F
Pro Plan Natural Turkey & Barley / Score 103 A+
Purina Benful / Score 17 F
Purina Dog / Score 62 F
Purina Come-n-Get It / Score 16 F
Royal Canin Bulldog / Score 100 A+
Royal Canin Natural Blend Adult / Score 106 A+
Sensible Choice Chicken and Rice / Score 97 A
Science Diet Advanced Protein Senior 7+ / Score 63 F
Science Diet chicken adult maintenance / Score 45 F
Science Diet for Large Breed Puppies / Score 69 F
Solid Gold Bison / Score 123 A+
Timberwolf Organics Lamb and Venison / Score 136 A+
Wellness Super5 Mix Chicken / Score 110 A+
Wolfking Adult Dog (Bison) by Solid Gold / Score 97 A

This list has been out for a while and there are new products that are very good and not listed such as Pure Vita by Nutri Source, Fromm, Natures Variety, and others. Best to avoid By Products and rendered fats...for really good info go to The Dog Food Project website.


This site also has an excellent food and product recall list!


  1. Somebody's been doing a lot of research! Thanks for the very helpful information.


  2. I'm glad to see that Kirkland Signature from Costco is making an A+ because that's what Bandit eats. He loves it, causes no stomach upset whatsoever, his coat is shiny and healthy, he has clear eyes, and it's priced right. Thanks for posting this information.

  3. Kirby eats the Kirkland puppy food- he loves it! I am always worried about his weight- our cat is on a super specific diet, and he is HUGE, but we can't change his diet. It's nice to have a pet that isn't allergic to everything. :)

    I think it's so cool that you do these informative posts... we don't feed Kirby any people food, but I didn't know that onions were a no-no! Thank you. :)

  4. hey Ryker. Thanks for the info :)
    The dogs eat Royal Canin and so far it's been good for their coat and others!

  5. Hi there:) Could you tell me what kind of toy that is that Ryker has in the top photo. I bought something similar at the dollar store, loved it, but it wasn't built for dogs and as soon as they chomped down on it, that dark stripe in the middle cracked. I was hoping one of the dog toy companies made something similar that could handle dog teeth.

    And I don't like being a Negative Nelly, but perhaps your list of what not to feed your dog should be changed, and some of those things should be labelled as poisons.

    I also think there is some erroneous information there. I have fed my dogs raw eggs for years, sometimes two eggs a day, every day, and they don't have skin issues and have great coats.

    Now I feed raw, and RAW chicken bones are fine, cooked are not. I also feed raw liver and raw fish, also no problem. Dog's digestive tracts are short and can handle some salmonella.

  6. Hi Karen,
    That toy is an Aerobie Disc and it does have a hard plastic ring in the center. It throws great and Ryker loves it. I don't let him chew on it and he is real good about bringing it right to me and dropping it. The first one lasted over 3 months of heavy use.

    I think raw diets are great! And yes, raw bones are safe and healthy. Ryker loves chicken backs,necks and marrow bones.
    The research I have read say raw eggs can be a big problem with dogs and people as well. The egg whites contain avidin which binds biotin, and this leads to skin and coat problems. Raw egg yolks are OK but not the whole egg. Cooked eggs are OK in moderation.
    Raw fish, especially wild caught, have a high risk for passing on parasites. They can also get thiamine deficiency which can lead to loss of appetite, seizures, and death.

    You should also never feed raw non inspected salmon. Recent studies and California especially just had several cases, show that salmon can cause what has been named "Salmon Poisoning Disease".
    Common symptoms of salmon poisoning include:
    lack of appetite
    swollen lymph nodes
    If untreated, death usually occurs within fourteen days of eating the infected fish. Ninety percent of dogs showing symptoms die if they are not treated.

    I guess in the end, some people are going to be able to feed raw fish with no problems, while others are going to have health issues.
    As long as you understand any risks and know it could make your dog sick or it might not, it is up to you if you want to risk it or not. What makes one dog sick, another may eat without problems.


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