Sunday, September 5, 2010

OK all you Aussie lovers out there, Hercules needs help...

This is a re-post from 9/3/10

URGENT!! TX, Paris:"Hercules", Blind Aussie Puppy

The ACO said that he's a loving, playful puppy. He's seen NO indication of aggression. At a high kill shelter.

We have a male possible neutered ,( or has not dropped ) 9-13 month old Aus.Shepard . He was left here due to he snapped at their child, we do not know what the child was doing but the pup is very playful and loving. We do not think that the pup was trying to hurt the child but was startled. We do not have a foster home that can take a blind pup or we would use them. So we do not have many options for him , I think he can hear fine, but when I put him in our outside pen to play he has trouble with the solid wall because it causes a echo, other than that he seems alright . Unfortunately since we are a city shelter we cannot do a H.W. test.

If you can help Hercules, please contact:

Doug :903-227-0183
(Wendy) 903-715-1176
or the shelter 903-784-6860.

Hours are Mon& Sat 10am-2pm- Tues- Fri 10am-5pm. You can call us anytime , these numbers are our cells so you can reach us, if we do not answer please leave a message and we will call right back. 

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