Monday, September 27, 2010

Rushed Harvest......

Mom totally freaked out Sunday morning, she was running around the house hollering "It's snowing! I can't believe it, it's snowing out side!"
Well, it didn't snow very hard or for very long but it surely did snow. Pretty darn early for snow even for us up here in Alaska.
Mom had to go out and pull up all the carrots, clean them and put them away. She said she needed to do this anyhow because the Mama Moose and her twins had eaten all the tops off the carrots during the night.

Mama's carrots are pretty tasty

Mom likes carrots, duh! And they are a crop that the moose do not bother much. These are the keepers, about half as many we gave to friends and neighbors. The apples and cherries did not have enough time to ripen, so sad.


  1. OMG! That is a lot of carrots! and they look tasty ;) Snow already?!?! Even if it was just a little that is quite impressive.

  2. Yummy carrots!!!

    Snow!?! OH dear, oh dear!!!

  3. My mommas horse LOVES the carrots with the greens on the ends of them... maybe next year my momma will grow some carrots in the garden I keep so well fertilized, hehe!

  4. Look at all those beautiful carrots, you had quite a crop. Can't believe you had SNOW already! Glad you were able to save them before they froze and were ruined!

  5. Wow! I'm impressed. Are carrots pretty easy to maintain? We're in Oregon, we can grow just about anything, but I feel like carrots would have done better than our tomatoes this year- :/

    It's a beautiful harvest!

  6. Growing carrots is pretty easy. We put the seeds in the ground the first week of June up here. I use organic fertilizer, water them, thin them out went they get about an inch tall so that they are about an inch apart. Thats about it.
    I wash them and bag them in those Debbie Meyer's Green bags that absorb ethylene gases that form with ripening. Put them in the fridge and they will last us 6-7 months if I grow enough. Give it a try, it really is easy.

  7. Wow, that's a lot of carrots!

    I hope they store well.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  8. All those carrots look so good. We just shredded some up for coleslaw. Yum Yum. We add peanut sauce and cashews to the coleslaw to give it a little kick!


    P.S. Still loving your recipes, we make the corn salad all the time now!


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