Sunday, October 3, 2010

Going to the Dog Park, Going to the Dog Park Baby! Yes, We're Going to the Dog Park, Going to the Dog Park Baby!

Mom says I should do commercials for Subaru. What do you think?

This is the trail to Connors Lake at my favorite Dog Park.

By the time we get there I am ready for a big drink!

It's really pretty here and always lots of friends to play with...get a look at that Corgi!

Time to get in the game!

This may be my last swim for the season. Mom said this was the first time I wanted to quit and headed back to the trail. It was pretty chilly!


YORK SPCA: "Nikki", Blind Border Collie

Please see the attached pictures and story below about a sweet border collie who needs rescue. We have no fosters available at this time but this woman contacted Blind Dog Rescue Alliance about the dog. The words below are from an experienced rescuer/transporter who let us know that the dog was in need. If you are able to help please contact intake@blinddogrescue.com. We can get more contact information, etc. if needed. If you can not help but know of someone who may be able to help, please forward this message to them. Thank you in advance for your consideration of this sweet boy.
I was at York SPCA to evaluate some huskies today and checked out the sight impaired border collie as well. First, I apologize I didn't take any pictures of him. He is an intact male, all black with white on his chest and belly, about 4ish, named Nikki. He is SOOOO loving and affectionate. A great dog. I honestly can not tell if he is completely blind or has some distant sight. If he is completely blind he has kicked his other senses into overdrive and adapted greatly. He is not available yet. His owner is in prison and they just need to get paperwork signed by him so Nikki can become available. He is very sweet and put his front paws on me to get in my face and give kisses. Loves belly rubs. He does really well with other dogs, also.
If you can help Nikki, please contact:


  1. Gorgeous photos as always... I'm suffering from camera envy over here!

  2. Looks like a mighty fine day at the dog park!

    Nikki sounds like a wonderful boy. I sure hope things fall into place for him to find a good home quickly!


  3. What a great day at one of the coolest doggy parks I've seen :)

    Yeah weather is changin. Not much swimmin time left :( Gotta get it in while we can :)

    Waggin at ya,

  4. It looks like a great day! I'm very jealous.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  5. What an awesome day! I think I spotted a fellow puggle in your pictures by the lake ;) Nice crew you hang with :)!

  6. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time at the Park! Thanks for sharing all the great pictures!

  7. Love the photos!!!! What a beautiful place!

    ~The Monster Crew

  8. Wow- All your photos are great, but this post especially highlights what a good looking dog Ryker is! He's really solid looking, with stunning markings. Very cool. :)

  9. Great pictures, Ryker. I really like those pictures of you playing and swimming in the water. Was it really chilly that you called it a day earlier this time?

  10. Thanks Kerry, he comes from a great gene pool like your handsome Kirby!
    Hi Maddy, yup, he had some Puggle play time!
    This was the first time Ryker chose to end his swim time early, it must have been too cold. He even went to the trail head and looked back for me to follow him...he was ready to head back to the car...Wow was I surprised!

  11. Lovely picures ;-)

    Let us know how Nikki gets on


  12. Oh, man, this totally looks like our kind of place! You're a lucky pup!
    The Road Dogs


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