Monday, October 11, 2010

Rutting Season

Hi, Ryker here!  It is rutting season in our little piece of the world and I wanted to share a few photos mom took of a cow and bull moose that are hanging around our house. And no, she did not catch them in the act so its  "G"  rated!  In fact they were quite a ways apart from each other.  Here is the cow moose...next to dads car.
Mom was on the front porch behind the rail, she put her hand out and Mama Moose stuck her nose up there and let mom pet her!
This must be what she thought about that experience...

This is her old bull boyfriend...
He did not enjoy getting his picture taken, and there will be no petting going on here. Off he goes...

And me too, see ya later!



  1. Charlie says he wants to pet a moose!!! So cool!

  2. All I can say is WOW! Great photos:)

  3. So jealous!!!! Moose are my favorite animal only second to walrus'.... Great photos!

    ~ The Mama Monster

  4. Holy Cow! I mean Holy Bull! I mean, oh gosh Ryker, are they really in your front yard? Do you have to stay in the house until they leave? Is anyone ever late for work because there is a Moose in the yard? I don't think the Dukes boss would go for that one :)

    GREAT pictures!!!

    Emma Rose

  5. Thanks for posting all the moose shots..I am so amazed by them- we've never lived in a moose area, which is probably why I'm so intrigued by them. That is amazing you got the pet the girl~ LOVE all your shots! :)

  6. Somehow, we have never thought to try and pet a moose. Our Elk around here are quite "not" pettable.

  7. WOW, that's awesome! We are very jellies that you gets to see moose right at your house. After seeing the girl moose next to that car I wouldn't want to make one mad!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  8. Holy Smokes...kinda cute, but not sure we would want them in our garden. They look like they could eat a lot of plants!


  9. Wow! Great photos! I think I would be afraid of the moose eating my yard, or breaking my house... or... car... anything really! Very cool though. :)

  10. Oh dear Ryker, thanks so much for sharing the moose pictures with us. The only place I can see moose is at the zoo!!!

  11. Oh, we gotta show Dad these pics! He loves the moose! We didn't even see any of these in Yellowstone! You're so lucky!
    The Road Dogs


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