Monday, November 8, 2010


                                                  This is my excited face...

                                                Why, you ask, am I so excited???

                                               Because even though I was bad...

                                                            And gutted my stuffy....  

                             Mom still made me a batch of my favorite treats!!!!

                                           Ummmmm,  Organic Sweet Potato chews.   

                                                            I Love you mom!   



  1. Looks good:) Is it just sliced sweet potatoes dried in the oven?

  2. I love your mom too!!! Any left over???

  3. Looks tasty. Even I would eat that!

    Is there a recipe?

  4. Yummy and healthy! We thought you were going to say that it snowed! Maggie and Mitch had snow in CT already.


    P.s our house is half a log house...cedar siding with log beams/trim.

  5. What a good Hu-Mommy!!! Maybe she will share her recipe? Enjoy Ryker!

  6. I cannot believe you are capable of doing anything naughty, Ryker! Are you sure that you were the one who took apart your stuffie? I mean, sometimes ghosts do the strangest things, you know!
    I love that your mom made the organic sweet potato chews for you and I think Daisy would love them! Did your mom use a dehydrator to make them? Or just the stove?
    Thank you so much for contributing 2 comments regarding my post about removing yeast from dog's ears and I will put your advice in high consideration. I will look into the website that you provided too! I spent 2 days researching how to cure Daisy's yeasty ears and any extra advice is appreciated!

  7. Just a little de-stuffing action. Stuffing happens.

  8. The sweet tater treats are very basic. Just organic taters, sliced about 1/8th inch thick and because we do not have a dehydrator mom just bakes them in the oven at 180 degrees F for about 4-5 hours. They are yummy but do have natural sugar in them so I can't eat to many at once :(

  9. Moms are pretty cool like that, aren't they? Nice job on the stuffie. I think you told him who's boss!


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