Saturday, January 29, 2011

I Like it Raw !


Mom has me on a Raw diet now.  She does mostly the BARF model with some PREY model as well.  I like it all!  Nothing like a big meaty bone and ox tails.  What's for dinner tonight? Pure grass fed, hormone and abx. free, free range  New Zealand Venison, with spinach, broccoli, fish oil and a sardine on top!

Mom uses Bravo brand after a ton of research and she is very pleased with the quality of their product.
You can go to there website and see for yourself      www.bravorawdiet.com

Scarf, scarf, scarf

                                   Karma likes raw too.  Her favorites are salmon and beef.

                                                             Mort likes to get in on the act.

So there you have it!  It took mom a while to work into the totally raw diet for me but I am glad she did.  I'm loving it.  I had a sensitivity to poultry in the past but mom says she will try me with some raw chicken in a few months and see how it goes.  Chicken backs are wonderful and I am really hoping I can eat them again.



  1. Hi! Ryker, it's me Buddy,
    We are getting a new puppy soon and the breeder feeds him raw meat! Until I got a blog my person had never heard of this. I eat dry dog food with a few vegetables and chicken mixed in. I like an apple for treats when we walk. I also get green beans sometimes mixed in because I don't know if you know it but corgis can get overweight easily. I need to learn more about this! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I hear that feeding Raw is the best to do. Just not sure we can afford Raw and all the time involved with a raw diet.

  3. Time is an issue for me as well, that is why we do mostly BARF/Bravo frozen. I only have the one dog so the cost is not that bad. I have read so much information about dog food over the past two years and feel that this is the very best that I can feed Ryker. He loves it and is thriving. We had tried freeze dried and dehydrated products like Honest Kitchen but he just did not like it, even though I think they are a good alternative to raw.
    Buddy, there is a lot of info. out there. You might want to check out The Whole Dog, BARF, Natural Rearing,
    websites and do your own searches.

  4. We have a lot in common, Ryker, and I'm glad about that because eating raw is the best way to go! Before I went to live with my parents I used to eat Purina *blech-blech* dog chow and I thought it tasted good until my foster parents covered their noses while they sat beside me. And do you wanna know why? Purina made me fart a lot! Ewwww!

  5. You are looking well on it, mom tried me on raw food I was OK with it, it was like you have frozen, but I went off it raw and mom was having to cook it off before I would eat it!! tasted good I keep telling her to get some more in!!
    See Yea George xxx

  6. That certainly looks like one delicious meal! Bon apetit!


  7. Very interesting. My mom has been researching my diet lately too & we've been learning a lot and improving my diet.

    Love to see the kitty too!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  8. Hi new friend we found you over at the blog hop. We love fishy stuff too
    Benny & Lily

  9. That meal looks really yummy and nutritious!
    I've been considering of raw diets for sometime but haven't taken it into action because I'm afraid I might not be able to give a well-balanced meal to my dogs. I'll check the link out right away. Thanks.

  10. Not every meal needs to be balanced, just balanced over time. If you do it from scratch you will need muscle meat, bone in the form of soft bones, ground or bone meal,and organ meat. I add fish oil, kelp, and some ground vegi's for fiber and vitamins. I mix the protein sources from week to week. Throw in an occasional raw egg or some sardines once a week.

  11. It does take a bit more time. Some people prepare a whole bunch of meals ahead of time in individual containers and freeze them. I do it as we go. What takes the most time is if I buy a whole turkey, and then am hacksawing it into appropriate sized pieces at feeding time.
    I haven't figured it out exactly, but it costs me about the same or maybe a bit less than the cost of feeding a high quality kibble.
    I just have to remember to take that bag of chicken quarters or whatever out of the freezer in time so that it thaws out enough to get them apart or slightly thawed so that I can saw it into smaller pieces. Like Ryker said, it just has to be somewhat balanced over time with the appropriate amounts of meat, organs and bone.

  12. Congrats on goin raw my furiend! Isn't it the absolute best stuff you ever had in your life?!!! Bet your Mom likes that your poop doesn't smell much anymore ;) I really like that I only get a bath once every few months cause I don't smell 'doggy'!

    Waggin at ya,

  13. That looks pretty yummy to me! Mom's been thinking about going raw too.


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