Monday, March 28, 2011

Comfort One

Hello to all my friends.
 My Grandma is not doing well and my mom has had to rearrange her work schedule to half time so she can keep her mom at home as she can no longer tolerate going to adult day care.  She has a lovely young lady that takes care of her for four hours a day while she goes to work at a nearby school.  Hospice has been contacted and Grandma is kept comfortable with Morphine and Ativan.
Times are hard for my mom right now and I am working hard to keep her happy.  She tells me I am doing a great job.
We lost Cleo our calico cat last weekend.  She had a stroke and lost function of her backside and had to be put to rest.  They say things happen in threes.  Thank you all for your well wishes.  You are kind and supportive and we love you all.
Mom says she will get back to posting soon, we miss you!



  1. That's terrible news...It seems everywhere you look lately something sad is going on...when the sad stuff is happening in your own home where you can't just turn it off, that's when you find how strong you can be...Our best wishes and dog kisses to your grandma, Ryker. Your mom's a special lady to be able to deal with all the pain and strife and still keep carrying on! We are thinking about her here!

  2. Ryker, so sorry you and mom are going though heart breaking times.
    We are thinking about you and sending
    Love and hugs from across the pond.
    Jan and George xxx

  3. I'm so sorry to hear this. You look out for Mom, Ryker, and be of extra special comfort to her.

    We'll keep all of you in our thoughts and prayers.

    Take care,

  4. Oh I am SO sorry to hear about your kitty. That is so sad.

    Our thoughts are with your family during this difficult time of your Grandma being sick. My mom lost her Grandpa in May of 2009 and knows how hard it is to sit by and watch a love ones health go down hill and not be able to do anything to help them. ((HUGS)) to your family.

  5. Hugs to you and your family, Ryker. I had a feeling perhaps things were not going so well.
    So very sorry to hear about your Grandma and Cleo.
    Your mum is doing a great job with Grandma, and I'm sure you're helping too.
    All the best to you all!

  6. We are so sorry for your loss and to hear that Grandma is having a tough time. We will keep your family in our prayers and thoughts. We know that you will do a wonderful job of helping your Mommy.
    Maddy and Owen

  7. Oh Ryker, so many things happening that are so painful. I know that you are doing a wonderful job helping.

    We will be sending pawerful prayers.

    Nubbin wiggles and hugs,
    Oskar & Pam

  8. Ryker, we have been wondering what was up with you. We are so very sorry to hear that your grandma isn't doing well. I am also so sad to hear about Cleo, too. You certainly have a full time job taking care of your mom right now. Just do your best to take care of her!


  9. Sorry to hear that Grandma is not well. Bad news does seem to come all at once. We send all our love.

    Wyatt, Stanzie and Mom

  10. Poor baby, sending lots of hugs
    Benny & Lily

  11. I am so glad you are sticking close to your Mom Ryker. You are such a good boy.

    Hospice is an amazing organization. Without them I don't know what we would have done last year when my Grandmum became very very ill. They were the kindest, most reliable and warm hearted folks.

    Ryker please make sure your Mom remembers to eat and gets some rest during this very tough time. If she forgets to take care of herself you must remind her to k?

    The Roo Family

  12. Thanks for you visit and comment, but you have alot on your plate at this time so please don't feel you have to visit, if you can, just put on an up date at some time, and we will come to you. I wish there is more I could do to help.
    But you are in our thoughts
    Jan and George xxx

  13. Ryker, we sure hope your Grandma feels better...and we sure miss your Mom here. So sorry about Cleo. Keep a watchful eye on your Mom and give her lots of snuggles.

  14. Sandy: I'm sorry to hear about Grandma's turn. I will keep her, and you, in my thoughts and prayers. I'm sure Ryker is in there with his special brand of loving therapy. Wishing you all the best. ♥♥♥

  15. So sorry to hear about Grandma and Cleo. Sending lots of hugs your way.

  16. Oh Ryker what a rough week :( Keep lickin your momma she needs extra loving it sounds like! Take care, youre all in our thoughts

  17. So sorry you are going through a rough patch..I hope things start looking up very very soon!! :)

  18. Seriously thinking about you and your family...my dad went through the very same thing a few years ago!

  19. Thank you all so very much for your comments of caring and support. It is making mom feel better. I am working hard giving lots of licks and snuggles to both mom and GM. Mom says I am her ray of sunshine!

    My second Birthday is April 7th and I am getting very excited about that. A big box arrived from the Postman today and mom says it is my Birthday present! Oh Boy!

  20. Thinking of you all, and wishing you strength in this trying time. Hang in there!!

  21. Had a busy work week so am just now catching up on blogs. Sorry for all of the stress in your life. Will be thinking of you and wishing for the most comfort.

  22. How sad that you and your mom are experiencing so much pain and sadness lately but at least Cleo is no longer in pain and your grandma has a better place to stay ... in your home. I love looking at the pictures in your previous post of you watching over your grandma. Very sweet!


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