Saturday, March 12, 2011

stopper pad guards


Some of you may remember that I tore open my stopper pad in early February and had to have it stitched back together and limit my boundless energy for three weeks.   Here is my pad after the three weeks...

                                            And now after a month it is looking really good...

Since I tend to scrape them up routinely mom has found me some Stopper Pad Guards. She bought these but thinks she will make my next pair as they look pretty easy.

                                             These are popular with the agility and fly ball dogs.

We tested them out at the dog park and they are pretty comfy. I left them alone and they stayed on with no problem.

I think they look pretty sharp and mom says they were a conversation piece at the park because no other dog had a pair.

                 So for you rough and tumble scramblers out there this may be the ticket for you too!



  1. Your photos are amazing! Especially the one running with the ball - so sharp! Glad to hear your healing up very well!

  2. What a great idea! Also makes you look even more the athlete.


  3. Ouchies, that looks like it was very painful.

    Who knew they made guards for that? Awesome that your mom found them. :)

  4. Those are awesome! Mom says she wishes she'd known about those back when Hawk was alive. He needed something like that in a big way!


  5. Ryker, Ryker, Ryker...what are we going to do with you and your painful injuries? You amaze me with your ability to get into the worst scrapes but those scrapes are what makes you YOU and we wouldn't have it any other way! Your stopper pads are sure to be a conversation piece fur sure! I've never heard of stopper pads before but now I am "in the know"!

  6. We don't need them, but we do think they make you look ultra cool.

  7. Poor baby..great idea!!
    Benny & Lily

  8. Ouch Ouch!
    I do like your black leg bands. It looks like you are protesting something!!


  9. So glad that the wound is heeling and it looks so good now. Clever mom who found the pads for you and she can make some extra pairs for you.
    You look really cool with the pads on! However, I think you still have to take it easy and take care of yourself at the moment.

  10. You are one stylin' aussie!
    Yes, they do look easy enough to make.
    I think you need to take up flyball now:)
    You could wear them for training agility, but you couldn't wear them to compete, at least not with the Agility Association of Canada.
    Oh yeah, your 'stopper' pad looks like it's healing really well.

  11. What a good idea! Glad your pad is healing up nicely!

  12. Oooo I need some of those! I'm rakin my stop on a dime pads too! Give em pool deck burns I do :( They do look very sharp on ya pal! Leather wear...cool :D

    Waggin at ya,

  13. Ouchie!! I'm glad it's looking so much better!

  14. Hi, I never knew you could hurt your stopper pads! The guards look cool, though. People might think you are a fashion model wearing the latest from Jean Paul Gaultier!

    Bella the Boxer

  15. Thanks for the heads up on this item...I hope I don't end up wearing them 'cause I can get crazy chasing my ball!

  16. i need to look and see if someone has made something like that for the back legs.Sky keeps scrapping her hocks up when she dives for her balls :/

  17. you look very fashionable! Boomer is a tad jealous and said I should get him a pair also!

  18. wow those are pretty cool! They look nice and soft!

  19. They are a fashion statement if nothing else! Glad to hear you're on the mend though...We have friends who use these in flyball to stop the wear and tear! It's great that you're mom's going to make some though. We love do-it-yourself around here! You can pick your own colors!

  20. Glad you are healing well!!! Love the new guard "boots." We think you look rather hip and cool in them! And if they help protect you, all the better! But you are just too cute, everything would look good on you!


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