Saturday, May 14, 2011

Get off the porch!


Mom said get off the porch and lets go check out the bald eagles.  We have a mated pair of eagles in the next neighborhood that have been there in the Cottonwood tree for at least three years now.  So off we went.

Oooh, that is a big nest up there.  And while tromping thorough the woods we found the remains of a rabbit that was most likely eagle food.  Cool!

                                          Wow, there they are!

Why are they looking at me like that mom, tell them I am no Chihuahua!

Mom said not to worry, that I was a bit big for them to consider me a meal.

Maybe I'll join the Audubon Society and become a bird watcher.  This is fun!  Hey mom, lets come back here again and check on these guys.  Maybe we can see the babies next month?



  1. You sure live in a pretty area! I'm glad you went to see the eagles and show them to us. I'm thinking about becoming a bird dog after one almost flew into my mouth yesterday!


  2. Great looking eagles and what a lovely view :-)

  3. Very cool!! Keep us posted on your feathered friends. You're right, they might have babies soon!

  4. OMD! That is SOOOO cool that you have eagles practically in your back yard. We love to see eagles - we saw a nesting pair here in SC several years ago, but we had to go all the way to Yellowstone to see more and our pics were nearly this good! Thanks for sharing these awesome pics!

    The Road Dogs

  5. Wow, that is SO cool that you have them that close and can go see them.

  6. That's pretty neat! Ryker, did you clean up after the eagles?
    Do you watch any of the eagle cams?
    Here's a link to one near White Rock (where we used to live, and our mothers still live)

  7. Hey Ryker, wow great thing to live so close to an eagle family. we saw one when we were hiking the other day and John had to call fish and game cause she was injured.

    We were very sad but she is now being cared for in a safe place. I just hope she didn't have babies.

    Please keep sending pictures of them. You live in the best place ever.

    Take care

  8. Wow! What cool pictures of those eagles! We hope that if you see the babies you will post them :)
    Maddy and Owen

  9. we love it! How awesome having eagles in your backyard
    Benny & Lily

  10. The eagles look great and beautiful! What a pretty place you live in! Can't wait to see more pictures of them and their babies.

  11. Wow... look at those eagles! Amazing!

  12. Ohhh Ryker, you made our mom so jealous when she saw the pictures of the eagles. Now she wants to move to Alaska.

    -Ranger, Beth, Bonnie, Brynn & Bea

  13. Awesome pictures! Your telephoto lens sure does a great job of zooming in on the action!


  14. Love the pictures!!!!! Super cool!

    Have a great week-

    also love the new photo header~

  15. Super Amazing PHotos, Super Amazing Experiences, I'm so glad I can follow along and experience them with you, even if I can't experience them for real..Ryder, you are really blessed with some super cool parents :)


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