Monday, July 25, 2011

What do you mean?

What do you mean the world doesn't revolve around me? Can that be???

Mama said today she is taking over the blog to share photos of some of our other finned and furry household friends!  Well, maybe just this once.  Cuz I really do believe the world revolves around me, I do.

Mama has a 55 gallon fish tank that sits between the entry area and the living room.  In it are many different kinds of fish, most of them Rainbow fish from Australia.  Do you detect a theme there? Australian fish, Australian Shepherd???   Anyhow they are very colorful for freshwater fish and she has had them longer than she has had me so they are really old!

She has red, turquoise , Praecox, Boeseman's and thread fin rainbow fish.

This is the Red Rainbow.  Looks like you need to clean the glass on that tank mom!
Mom says they look like hump back salmon or Humpy's.

This photo is a bit blurry but really shows the intense color of these fish.

Here is my buddy Kosmo.

Mickie napping in the afternoon sun.
He loves the front porch wicker chairs as a warm vantage point to watch the neighbors come and go.

I will leave you with this pensive shot of Mickie contemplating the great outdoors.
Hope you had a wonderful weekend!




  1. You have very cool furry and finny friends but I still think you are the best!!

  2. Of course the world revolves around you! That's just crazy talk! The fish and kitties are very cute, though. ;)


  3. Hehe, Ryker. I think the same thing about me--it's all about ME, right? But you have some purty fishes and kittehs. I hope you don't chase those kittehs though.....

  4. Ryker, I'm sure the world revolves around you- but we need to see YOUR friends too. We love you the best. Are you buddies with the kitties?

  5. Love the kitties! Your fish are very pretty, too. I can't even keep a goldfish alive.


  6. Do you like to herd the cats? My brother Bokeh keeps all the cats herded into their cat room.

    The fish are so cool. My mom is jealous. She tried to have a fish tank but could just never keep it clean.

  7. You have some great looking friends!

  8. its obviously false information!
    Benny & Lily

  9. Ryker - the world absolutely revolves around you! But, it was nice seeing your furry friends.

  10. Jumpin's Ryker....you have fish and cats in the house...run for the hills! Sorry...looks like you are not afeared of them...you are so good with you bro/sis's!

  11. Nice to meet the whole family! We know you will be back to center stage soon, Ryker! Fish don't catch frisbees...BOL


  12. check our blog today...kiddo
    Benny & Lily

  13. We love your pictures!! Very pretty's

    IzZY, TriXie and Anakin Man

  14. Love the aquarium. Not something I'm interested in having myself, but sure can appreciate someone else's.
    You've got to share the limelight sometimes you know Ryker....:)

  15. Luv your fish and fishtank! Mom is envious. She used to have tanks but doesn't right now. Maybe she should get another one soon! ;) Ryker your kitteh furiends are beautiful :) Luved the lighting in that last photo :)

    Waggin at ya,


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