Sunday, August 5, 2012

Just back from Washington and Oregon

Mama was suppose to let you all know we were leaving on a vacation last week. Well, go figure! She forgot.  We just got home Thursday night and at least she took a bunch of photos to share with you.

Mama and I are going to visit cousins and I am going to also meet up with some of my doggy family!

Here I am on the plane, humm, I am not to sure about this flying stuff.  I prefer to do it with my own steam and Frisbee in mouth.
Take offs an landings were interesting, but all is well when I'm with my mama.

                     Yeah, Cousin Bev.  I Love You!  it's so good to see you again!

And looks who's first Birthday Party we get to attend!  Dylan is cousin Bev's Great Grandson.

Then later in the week I got to spend time with my Grandma Kelsey and nephew Nelson.  Some of you may remember Nelson from all the photos we posted when my half-sisters pups were born this Spring.

I come from good stock! 

Nelson gave me a good doggy greeting...

He's dog-gone cute!  One blue eye is looking at me.

What? What is it???
Somebody must be walking by with food.

We had a real good time handing out together.

Grandma Kelsey had to put me in my place a couple times.  Guess humping the GM is way outta bounds!  Lesson learned, sorry Grandma.

OK, everybody give a big Awwww!  I think that is a very wistful look.

I guess I wore the little guy out.  Hey mama, was I ever this cute when I was a puppy?
Mama say "Oh Yes, you were cute, cute,cute!"

I have lots more vacation  fun to share with  you in upcoming blogs.  But now I have to go catch up on the Pet Olympics and see what I missed last week.
  And my sincere apologies to Wyatt and Stanize who I had hoped to visit but just did not have the time as we were only in Washington for a week.  The time just flew by celebrating two Birthdays and two family reunions.



  1. Looks like loads of fun, and family to boot, the little guy is Cute! Glad your back, just in time to get to the Zoomies.

    Susie & Bites

  2. You do come from good stock, Ryker! Furry bootiful!

    Bart and Ruby

  3. Wow, what a great time you had. and oh yes, you do come from good stock. Cute cute cute
    Glad your back safe and sound.


  4. Looks like a great time was had by all, Rykie ! Glad to hear you all enjoyed yourselves and that you are home safe and sound. I do imagine that that flying thing may have been a little scary for you.

  5. Sure looks like you had a great time. Your Grandma and nephew sure are cute as well. :)

  6. Glad you are back. I was wondering where you were. But it looks like you had a great time. I am not to sure about that flying stuff.

  7. What a great looking family--Two and four legged! :-) I'm so glad you had a great trip, and your pictures certainly show that--What fun!! I'll look forward to reading more about it!!

  8. hi guys glad you had a good time, cant wait to see the rest of the photos :D you will always be cute ryker xxx

  9. RYKER....
    Wait. You were able to fly in that colossal-sized airplane alongside your Mama?! From what I have heard, most dogs are not as lucky!! ;op
    Love, Raelyn.... And Rose, my BEAUTIFULLY UNIQUE "Mystery Dog"!!

  10. Glad you're back! Looks like you had a wondeful time! Dylan is adorable!

  11. I am totally amazed at your manners on the plane and lack of manners in the humping department...hahahah..lol Such a great trip...so lucky you are! All the cousins are dang cute!!!

  12. You do come from good stock. Not a ringer in the bunch!

    Critter Alley

  13. awwwwwww! your family is gorgeous just as you are!
    you looked like you had an awesome time :)

  14. Awww what a great vacation! :D

    Waggin at ya,


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