Sunday, October 7, 2012

My New Neighborhood Friends and much more...

We have some new dogs in the neighborhood that I would like you to meet.

This is Haley, she lives directly behind us and is a Cavalier Cocker mix.  She loves me and food and is a frequent visitor at our house.

She comes in of her own accord, especially around suppertime.  Just pops in the cat door when she smells something good on the stove!

She's not much for Frisbee but follows me around like a love sick puppy.

Then we have Chrome...he is an Aussie mix pup that our neighbors down the street rescued. They are not sure what he is mixed with.  Half the pups looked like Chrome and the other half where just black.  All the spotted pups were adopted first.

He is very cute and I must admit I am a bit jealous or all the attention he receives.  I haven't been on my best behavior when we have been together.  Mama is a bit disappointed in me.
Maybe it's because he got to keep his tail.  What is up with that anyhow?  Where is my tail mama?

Chrome is as big as me now but still a rambunctious pup.  Mama hopes we will become friends eventually...we'll see.

I helped to harvest all the carrots.  We had a small crop this year, not enough sun and too much rain.  But what we got should last us till the new year and they taste darn good!  She dried and stored the parsley too.

This photo was take in the garden this August and mama thinks it is pretty.

We did have snow last week but now it has warmed up again and we are getting a lot more rain.

Our crawl space has flooded and we need to install another sump pump.

The leaves keep falling...

and life goes on...

Mama is doing very well and feeling good.  She still has a couple months left of Herceptin infusions and you can bet I will be in her lap for each and every one.

Mama and dad recently celebrate their 19th Anniversary!  Dad got her the most amazing bouquet of flowers with nineteen roses in it!  Good job dad!

And just this Friday Mama had a Birthday and dad threw a big ole party for her!  The house was jam packed with people, dogs and food.  It was great!  Mama was really surprised and so very happy to be surrounded by so many wonderful people that care about her. 
  And of course more flowers, cards, gifts, etc. and TWO CAKES! 

Today a friend of ours is having a birthday, looks like we will be having more cake.  Hope somebody drops their plate!



  1. Happiest of Birthdays and Anniversaries to your mom! I hope she celebrates many more of both. The party sounds like my idea of a great time, too!


  2. I like your new friends. Cracks me up that the one comes over for dinner. hahhhaha
    Happy Anniversary to your mom and dad and a happy birthday to your mom. And I LOVE those carrots. Yummm.

  3. Happy anniversary to your parents and happy birthday to your mom! Your mom is fortunate to have such a clever and thoughtful hubby to buy 19 roses for their 19th anniversary and to throw a b-day party for her as well! Love your new neighborhood friends! You must love having them around all the time!

  4. What cute friends. Glad to hear mom is feeling better
    Benny & Lily

  5. Listen...I can helps you with the plate dropping scenario...we can work in tandem...it'll work I just knows it. Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday Dear Momma,
    Happy Birthday to you~~~~`````!!!!!!!

    and 19th Anniversary toooooooooooo!

  6. Goodness a lot has been going on. Happy Belated Birthday to your momma! Happy Belated Anniversary as well. I can't blame Haley for following you around, you are one cute pup. Chrome is a cutie pie, oh my! :)

  7. Cute pups and great photos! Happy belated birthday to your Momma!

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  9. Congrats to 19 years of bliss and Happy Birthday too! Great pics as always :D

    Wyatt and family

  10. RYKER....
    New buddies!! Neat!! It is always fun to meet new friends!! ;)
    Haley is cute!! I somehow knew just by looking at her that she was a mutt!! Score!! Plus her personality is just as unique as she!! ;-D
    Chrome--I love that name, by the way!!--is a "Mystery Dog!! Like Rose!! The best kind of mixed breed!! He is adorable!! Just look at that soft, fluffy fur!! What's not to love? ;op
    You helped harvest all of those carrots?! Wow.... Did you nosh on some? Rose would have!! ;-}
    Tell your Mama to get well soon!! Certainly you will make a fine "Comfort Dog" for her!! ;->
    Happy anniversary to your Dad and Mama!! Nineteen years?! Way to go!! I loved the 19 roses idea.... How romantic!! ;)
    Happy birthday to your Mama!! Now that is a lot of cards!! ;op
    Love, Raelyn.... And Rose, my BEAUTIFULLY UNIQUE "Mystery Dog"!!

  11. Say Happy Aniversary and Happy Birthday to your Momma xxx

    Your new friends are cute, i can see why you might be slightly jealous of Chrome, that is a cool name and he is a little stunner (but you are too mate) and that tail!!! i always wondered about your tail, i thought your breed were born without them for some reason cos there so short i didnt think you had one at all. Guess that showed me how thick i am LOL!!!

    Love the pic of your garden xxx the leaves are falling here in the UK too now, autumn had well and truly arrived.

    Lots of Love

    Charlene and Stormy

  12. I'm a bit late with everything, but happy, happy birthday and anniversary to your Mamma & Dad, Ryker. I hope you got a little bite of that cake :).

    I love it that your new friend comes through the kitty door...how funny! And I bet you and Chrome will become buddies. Maybe he just has to get some of that puppy exuberance out of him!

  13. I am late! Butt I am here :) To wish you a belated Happiest Birthday ever! That looked like a swell party :) Luv the 19 rose bouquet your Dad got for your Mom on their anniversary. Gorgeous! As is the August photo your Mom took of the garden :) Your rain will turn into snow before you know it Ryker :) Luv your funny furiend that thinks he's a kitteh BOL :)

    Waggin at ya,

  14. Okay, that is too funny about Haley coming in the cat door:)
    A wonderful harvest of carrots, wow. You should see mine. The few that survived the vole attack are short and twisted and gimpy looking.
    Congrats on your 19 years Sandy, and I'd say hubby has done very well!

  15. It was nice to meet your pals, Ryker!
    I'm so glad that your mom is feeling better!


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