Thursday, June 13, 2013

Vickie from "Bert Did It" came to Alaska!

This is not a Wordless Wednesday today.  It is instead a link to a blogging friends post.  Vickie from the blog  http://bertdidit.blogspot.com/ 
came up here to Alaska to see the sights and to meet Ryker!  We had a fun time together.  Only thing missing was Bert!  He stayed home in Utah.

We drove up to Flat Top Mt. for a good view of the Anchorage bowl.  We also took a nice stroll around Taku lake.  A friendly beaver even swam up to say hello...

Please check out Bert and Vickie's latest post to see beautiful photos of Alaska and of Ryker taken by Vickie during her stay here and be sure and watch the video!  Lots of Ryker towards the end of the video  ☺


To Vickie...
We had a great time meeting and spending time with you.  Come back soon and bring Bert!
Sandy and Ryker



  1. Yep we been over at Berts, OMD you guys sure have a great place, love the mountains, we sure would like to see that stuff up close. Its always a blast to meet those you blog with!

    The Mad Scots

  2. Ok watch the video twice, now Mom wants to save her green papers to visit Alaska and see Ryker!

    The Mad Scots

  3. Bert and Miss Vickie really are the best!! I also love meeting blogging friends, and if I ever get back to Alaska, we are getting together for lunch, my treat!!!

  4. Bert and I were so jealous that Vickie went without us and without my MOM. It is my MOM's dream to go to Alaska. The dream goes like this: So small plane lands on a lake or pond in the middle of all that beautiful drops her off with her hiking boots and fishing pole and comes back to get her in a week or so. Next time if Vickie goes Bert and I have decided we are going to hide in her luggage.

    1. I have lived that dream. It is a good one!

  5. Glad you had such a nice visit!

  6. Bert would have loved it up there!! Glad you had a nice visit with Miss Vickie!


  7. Wow, that is so cool. If we ever make it Alaska we want to meet you (or if you ever venture to boring ol, Ohio) :)

  8. I could tell that she had a wonderful time with you. What a gorgeous place you live. And Ryker is gorgeous too!


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