Thursday, July 18, 2013

Taku Lake Cool Off

Weather is warm again up here...good time to head to the closest lake and cool off.  Taku lake is a man made lake that was a gravel quarry many years ago.  It sits right beside Campbell Creek and is home to many birds, fish and beaver.  Mama likes to swim there and so do I.

There are many trails around the lake and along the creek.  But today mama and dad took me to the edge of the lake to swim...

Being a multi-tasker I like to swim and fetch!

Dad is the better thrower...I bring the frisbee back to him rather than mama.

Come on dad, throw a really good one!


Would you believe that some dogs don't go swimming???  What's up with that?

They are missing out big time!

We saw our beaver again... love this guy!

 He swims better than me but I have not seen him fetch yet.

I could do this all day long...

But the folks got tired and we had to leave after about an hour.

I gave a good shake,

toweled off

and headed off into the sunset !

Catch ya all later!



  1. What a beautiful and fun day! We feel sorry for those little white doggies who don't like to swim!!

    Bart, Ruby and Otto

  2. Our dogs are right there with you with the fetching and swimming. I think that beaver would be a mighty good fetcher of sticks! Looks like a great place to cool off.

  3. Wow, wish I was there with you love swimmin, Bites no way. Not to sure about the frisbee though, it might pull me under. Oh My you get to swim with other animals, yep the Beaver looks to fast!

    The Mad scots

  4. What beautiful fun. I love the beaver! Maybe you can teach him to fetch, Ryker! Someone is a really good photographer. I love looking at your photos. Keep enjoying summer!

  5. That is beautiful. "Haven't seen him fetch yet", hahhahha. Oh I am still laughing over that one.

  6. You are a good swimmer! Those other dogs don't know what they are missing:)

  7. What a swimmer! You guys have a beach towel too!
    Benny & Lily

  8. Hi Ryker
    Looks like you had a fantastic time swimming in Lake Taku. Your toy looks awesome and very easy to see while swimming. We can't understand why some dogs don't like swimming either it's one the worlds best activities. From Milo & Jet

  9. Looks like an awesome place for a swim. How fun!

    Critter Alley

  10. RYKER....
    I love, love, love that Taku lake is man-made, and birds, fish, plus beaver enjoy it!! Sweet!! ;-D
    I'm afraid that Rose just might be one of those canines who refuses to go in bodies of water!! But, then again. Being part Beagle, we cannot just let her loose, or I may never see my girl again. She will run away!! ;op
    Love, Raelyn.... Plus Rose, my BEAUTIFULLY UNIQUE "Mystery Dog"!!

  11. Looks like a great place to cool off!!!


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