Saturday, February 22, 2014

This place looks like Alaska again!

Here you go you funny little man...throw this for me would ya?

Well come on, what ya waiting for?

Fresh snow means more photos of me playing in it!!!

Hold on to your hat!

Because this is what I live for!

I think it was fate I ended up in Alaska!

That and my mama.

I am in my element!



  1. Ryker! you're a beautiful snow doggie!

  2. So glad you finally got some snow! Looks like you had a blast too! :)

  3. Just doesn't seem right that you in Alaska were suffering from a lack of snow. Glad that's all been sorted out! It's looking a bit Alaska-ey here tonight. We have snow too! (Although there's not a lot, and it's pretty wet)

  4. You AND that snowman are without question in your element!! And our snow melted, but there's still time for us to get a little more!

  5. Hi Ryker,
    You know I love the snow, those photos of you playing in that wonderful white stuff makes my heart sing, I love to see you all snowy with that big smile on your face! I'm glad you found someone to play frizbee with, that Snowman looked like he wasn't going to this it for you, or perhaps he was frozen stiff?? Have a great time, wish I was with you, I'm jelly that you live in such a great state, Alaska is definitely my Mums favorite place to see, such beauty! That's you too Ryker! Love Frank XxxxX

  6. Ryker - I'm with you...love snow!!!
    Your last pic is adorable :)

  7. Always love your snow action photos, Ryker! You've a super fantastic photographer!

  8. Ryker, Snow freaks are so boring BOL.. Just love all your photo's and so wish I could come play with you xxoxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  9. You are a very adorable snow baby!

    Critter Alley


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