Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Recovery going well!

 Hi Friends!

Hey, it's great to be back. Mama's foot surgery went well and she is back to walking without crutches now and feeling human again!  Thought I would catch you up on what I've been up too over the past three weeks!

Here's mamas stinky foot!

She had surgery for her Plantar Fasciitis, which made it painful for her to walk.

I gave her lots of healing love and  entertained her best I could!

 Here she is enjoying some sunshine on the deck and throwing the Frisbee for me!

Daddy did a great job cooking and watering the plants... these pretty flowers are on our back deck.

 In the evenings when the sun swings around the front porch is the place to be!


Everything is blooming and the smells are delightful!


 Daddy also took me to the lake when ever he could!  We had tons of fun!

Mama loves this shot of me. She says I look more like a puppy than a 5 year old dog!

So there you have it. The past three weeks have been just fine around here and I am glad mama is up and moving around and almost good as new.  She still has some healing to do but she has a great start on it!

I hope you all are having a great summer and we promise to come visit your Blogs ASAP!
We have missed you!



  1. So glad to hear that surgery went well and Mama is healing. We've missed you and will keep sending healing prayers your way. As always, your pictures are spectacular. The color and clarity are so perfect.

    Critter Alley

  2. We have missed you too! Glad the surgery went well. Your flowers are beautiful, you sure can grow some flowers!

  3. Glad your mom is starting to feel better. Our dad has that PF as well.

  4. Ouch! You look like you are taking very good care of mom. Beautiful flowers
    Lily & Edward

  5. I have been wondering what was up at your house. Good to hear that your Mama is getting all better! I am sure you helped her get better especially bringing her toys to throw! The flowers are just stunning! :)

  6. Glad to hear you are doing better! The flowers are wonderful. Enjoy!

  7. Aw poor mama, that surgery sounds ouchie! So glad she's better, now you can play properly together! I bet it was your nursing that made her happy! All of those photos of you are amazing!
    Pippa :)


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