Sunday, August 17, 2014

Whaz up?

Whaz Up?

  I've just been hangin' wit my best bud Pickles...

  Pickles rocks the Casbah!

Mama says she is almost as fun to photograph as me, now how could that be?  

But I will admit she is a cutie pie!

   And that she has brightened all our lives here.

Mama had to go back to work, she is a traveling school nurse this year.  I hate it when the kids are in school and mama is away all day. 

(Insert my sad look here)


But after work and on the weekend will will still have tons of fun...playing at the lake...

 Making new friends...



My old friend Jenny is at the Rainbow Bridge. Her mama got me a new friend Dokie!  He is like me and all about play!

 So goes the movement of time, things change but it's all pretty good.  Mama is in good health and daddy and I have grown very close.  I am one happy dogger.



  1. Hi Ryker! I see your mama has beautiful eyes just like you!
    I am sorry your friend Jenny went to the bridge...I have lots of friends there.
    Your Pickles should keep you company while your Mama is at work! Pickles takes good photos but not as good as you:)

  2. That kitty friend of yours is awfully adorable even for a kitty
    Lily & Edward

  3. I'm so glad all is well. Pickles is adorable. I couldn't help but look at the picture next to the curtain and wonder if cat-tastrophe might have occurred later. Bogey feels compelled to climb curtains, so we no longer have them. Nothing like decorating around your critters.

    Critter Alley

  4. Good thing you have pickles to keep you company :)


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