Saturday, January 17, 2015

No Snow for you!

So the news reports tell us that Anchorage experienced it warmest year in 26 years during 2014!  We have not been posting our usual snow filled photos that's for sure.  What little snow we do have is glazed with ice.  Dogs and people alike are slipping and falling in record numbers.  Not much fun.

 Due to many of my friends getting muscle pulls and ligament damage mama has curtailed my outdoor play and we are doing indoor play now and scheduling a swim party.

Mama gives me an OK work out with my favorite ball.

Pickles gives me some good runs around the house, she likes to play tag!


We are still hoping that Old Man Winter will come for a visit.  Seems so odd to see green grass this time of year.  We miss our snow.   Hope you are enjoying your dream season!



  1. Hope you get some snow soon the good kind to run in! We don't have much here either we would share if we could. We are calling this the winter of no snow. Your Mama does some amazing things on her computer:)

  2. Yeah, you need some snow cover, not only to play in but to protect the plants if the temperature gets too cold. Your mom is a whiz on the computer, very cool!

  3. cool pictures. You better hope for more snows.
    Lily & Edward

  4. Hi Ryker! I do miss seeing all that wonderful Alaskan snow scenery, your garden looks a lot like mine, we had a small sprinkle of snow this weekend which was most exciting but not what I really was looking for, I wanted it to be a puggy deep snow fall so I could have my photo taken with only my head and chew toy visible just like your photos, but no such luck! I'm sorry to hear about the icy making people fall over and hurt themselves, that is not good at all, but I am glad that you are enjoying your indoor exercise chasing the kitty and playing ball, I do like to play ball with my Mum inside on a wet day, I also like to play the kibble hunting game where she hides kibble on the couch, on the stairs, under my toys, by my bowl and makes me sniff it all out! Wishing for some nice snow for you soon! Love and Licks from your furiend Frank XxxxxxxxX

  5. As always, your pictures are oh-so-pretty. Mama is a most excellent photographer. Hope you get the snow you're looking for soon!

    Critter Alley

  6. I love all your photos, and what your Mom's artwork too!

    I know how Alaskans love their snow, so I'll hope that a lot of it comes your way--And that those studded tires don't keep getting such a workout!

  7. We love snow too and not a single flake for us this year!
    We will take down our "Let it Snow" signs this weekend and rally around our blooming Cherry Tree!

    Wyatt and Stanzie


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