Sunday, September 6, 2015

Mama and Me

Mama and me did our annual summer photo shoot. Another year better!

I love kissing!

School has started up and I miss her she she goes to work but am so glad that my dad works form home and I'm seldom alone with the kitties.

I can keep an eye out !

Mama says school started out super busy again this year and she has had little time for blogging or facebook time.  It's just work and doggy play time these days.  I'm good with that.

The minute she gets home from work I howl my joy and off we go for a walk and some fetching of either the ball or the Frisbee.

Fall is in the air, berry picking and frost on the grass already in the early morning. 

We even had a dusting of snow on the mountain tops this week...uh oh!

I has been a glorious summer so we can't complain.

I'll play in the leaves as they fall and soon there will be snow to play in!
It's all good.

Check out this cool Raven fountain mom got...we call them Heckle and Jeckle!


  1. Bootiful pictures of you and your mom and your flowers! It looks like a glorious day there!!

    -Ruby and Otto

  2. Great photos of you and your Mama! I bet you miss her during the day! Too bad you can't go to school too:)

  3. Great pictures of you both:) Dusting of snow on the mountains here too! We came back from Oliver on Friday and there where little patches of snow on the ground at Allison Pass. That fountain is really fun looking. Appeared to be a video but it wouldn't play for me.

  4. What beautiful pictures of you and your Mom, Ryker!! I remember well that chill in the air this time of year, as the fun summer comes to an end, and you see the "termination dust" on the mountains. It's all part of what makes Alaska such a special place. Take care, and I hope life doesn't get too hectic and crazy!

  5. Ryker-
    You and your mom look so happy. Nice to hear you have had such a good summer. Wow and talk of snow already!
    We were not crazy about our super hot summer, but we are not ready to talk of snow just yet. Just some pleasant days in the 60's-70's would be nice!
    Your pal, Wyatt

  6. Everyone looks so happy and relaxed. Summer must have been delightful!

    Critter Alley

  7. Beautiful photos of you and your mum, Ryker! You both look very happy! :)


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