Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ryker's first posting...we are so excited!

Happy New Year!

Ryker wanted to start a Blog after going to his brother Bandit's Blog site, http://ouraussiepuppy.blogspot.com/
Ryker is a little over nine month's old now born 4/7/09. Through out this Blog he will share with you his past and present activities with his new family and friends. Welcome aboard and we hope you enjoy the trip!


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere, Ryker! We look forward to all your Alaskan adventures! Your bro, Bandit♥

  2. Ryker, I found your blog through Bandit's blog and you are a beautiful dog just like your brother. I love your merle coloring! A long time ago, I had a blue merle sheltie named Rascal and he looked a lot like a racoon! But, oh, so pretty! So, anyway, I'm going right now to sign up to follow your blog! Barks! Coralie (& Carrie and Bonnie shelties)


Ryker is wiggling to hear your comments!

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