Sunday, April 11, 2010

Let's Play Ball !

I just love to play with my Big Blue Ball. Dad will throw it at me and I will jump up and smack it right back at him!  Ha! Then he has to catch it!  I am a much better slammer than he is a catcher.

Mom says this is not a good indoor game and gets mad when we break things...and we do.  I think Dad enjoys this game almost as much as I do so we are both willing to endure the wrath of Mom...not that she is all that "wrathy". Maybe she secretly enjoys watching us play?

So after all that play time it was time to sack out on the sofa and rest a bit...

Is it Dinner time yet ???


  1. Ah!! That is so cute!! What kind of ball is that? Like a rubber one? Sort of like the type you would find in a bin at a toy store???
    I would love to find a nice ball like that for Ace Chan to play with!!! I feel like he would pop something like that though...He wants to chew everything right now haha
    I suppose his rubber ball is best for now...
    Does Ryker try to heard that ball?
    Take care =)

  2. More great action shots! And I'm sure it's not easy to handle a ball so much bigger than your mouth! You are very proficient!

  3. I got the balls from WalMart for 2.99 each.
    He has popped a couple but they seem to last quite a while since it is so big that he can't sink his teeth into it. He does try and herd it but can't figure out he needs to get behind so he just keeps pushing it ahead of him.
    His favorite game with it is playing catch and bumping it back to you.


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