Saturday, July 31, 2010

Out of State Visitor

Mama's Cousin Bev came to visit us!  I met her when I was just a baby, in fact she got to hold me before mama did!
Cousin Bev became my Frisbee Buddy!
We had a great time while she was up here, look at Grandma smile! Cousin Bev  has decided she wants to get a puppy just like me but a little girl.  Mama is going to help her find one after  she gets moved into her new house!
Bye Cousin Bev, we are going to miss you!  See you next year!


  1. What a sly-devil look Ryker has on his face in the second photo with his frisbee buddy. Grandma looks very happy! How fun to help your cousin look for a little girl Aussie! I hope you blog more about that down the road. Does she live there in Alaska, too?

  2. Bev lives very close to Jamie! Maybe ten miles or so. We looked into Nala but Jamie really wants to breed her with the co-owner. Bev decided to wait a bit as they are looking for a bigger home with a bigger yard! I can hardly wait...living vicariously!
    He does have a sly look in that photo...wonder what he was thinking! hummmm.

  3. Oooo I like cousin Bev! She plays with you and gives luvins to you! You have to wait a whole year to see her again?!

    Feelin a bit sad,


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