Sunday, August 1, 2010

Farmer's Market

We go to the Farmers Market every weekend for fresh eggs, cheese, breads, jams, jellies, vegi's, etc. There are many dogs that visit, my favorite part!
I met the cutest little Golden Boy!
And check out this little healer girl, mama wanted to take her home with us!
Played real hard with this guy!
I've met this handsome guy "Brewster" at the dog park before.
With all that going on mama even managed to buy some goodies! Fresh bread, snow apples, green onions, beets and spinach. Think I'll choose the bread!


  1. What Fun! Doggies and Food! We have farmers markets here too but Mom somehow never gets up early enough to go.

    Thinkin I should go pounce on Mom and get her goin,

  2. Hey Ryker...looks like you have a full and exciting life in Anchorage. I live on the other side of the continent in Nova Scotia near 3 beaches(mmm). I meet new puppies continually on teh beaches and we run forever. I was at a farmer's market yesterday in the Annapolis Valley and my daddy bought veggies most particularly carrots..yum. Licks for now.!

  3. Awwww, In Eugene dogs aren't allowed at the farmer's markets. I'm so jealous! We're pretty limited in the places we can take him around town. That's so neat that you can bring Ryker along with you! It looks like a pretty friendly place! :)

  4. ya you can't being dogs to the farmer's market in san francisco either. well, at least the one by the ferry building. looks like it was fun times for both of you!

  5. I love farmer's markets. We have many around us so we're lucky. Lots of them have music or other entertainment. Those flower arrangements Ryker's posing by are super! I'm not familiar with snow apples. Are those the white things at the bottom left? What exactly are snow apples?

  6. The snow apple as they call it is a white turnip that tastes like a crispy mild slightly sweet radish and is mostly eaten raw. It is yummy and you see folks walking around the market eating them like an apple.
    I have been to some of the markets around Seattle and they are fabulous! Your produce and fruits/berries are amazing and yummy!

  7. Hi Ryker-
    Good market trip! Yummy produce and fun pals too!



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