Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wordless Wednesday


NOT... I just can't post this photo and not tell you all about it, now can I?   Mom was playing Frisbee with me last night before dinner in a big open snow covered field.  She saw black dots on the snow and realized I was bleeding.  She wrapped my foot and leg up in a towel and drove me straight home and carried me into the house.  She said my Dew Claw Pad was split wide open.  She said I must have cut it on some ice or a sharp rock, maybe even some broken glass?  She put a pressure dressing on it and called the 24hr. Vet.  They said to bring me right in so off we go again.

The Dr. said he would need to do surgery later that night to re-sect the wound and do internal and external stitches and cover it with  dog proof bandage. That she should leave me there and if all went well I could go home in the morning with some pain medications and antibiotics.

I thought mom was gonna cry and I was not going in the back room without a fight!  Well, I did not win that fight but mom gave me her sweater to sleep with while I waited.  

All went well and dad picked me up this morning and brought me home.  He kept taking pictures of me and texting them to mom at work so she  could see how I was doing.  I was really disappointed that she didn't pick me up with dad.  Now I had to wait all day to see her!

Mom came straight home from work and I gave her a greeting she will never forget... gave her another rash on her face from so much lickin' !
I gotta wear this thing on my leg for 3 weeks!  Leash walking only and have to cover it with a bag when I go outside in the snow... we got lots more snow and I can't play in it!  Cruel World!

The good thing is I don't have to wear the "cone of shame", I only lick people! 



  1. Ryker,

    Sorry about your big boo boo, my pal.
    Get well soon....your snow awaits you!


  2. Get well soon, Ryker!!!
    Just be patient and have a good rest at home, before you know it, you can do your zoomies soon again!

  3. Owey Ryker! Glad you're all fixed up :) Bummer about the 3 weeks of leash only :( But hey! I bet you get lots of yum yums to get you through! :)

    Try not to give yourself anymore boo boos k. We don't want you or your Mom to be anxious or sad!

    Waggin at ya,

  4. Oh, no, Ryker. Those cut pads are awful. I hope you feel better today and are getting lots of treats. That always helps, I say.

  5. Oh dear!
    It's going to be a long three weeks:(, but I hope it all heals well.

  6. Oh my doddiness...what a shame you had to do and cut yourself like that. Ryker please be good now and let your leg heal. You just never know when this kind of thing is going to happen. I sprained my leg playing and jumping after my orange ball on a beach in 2009...it took over a month to heal...my vet said to my dads ``you know Sophie isn`t a circus dog``..ouchie...no more crazy out of control fun like that again...just controlled fun...oh well...take care!

  7. I'm not very good at controlled fun.

  8. Oh Ryker poor you, and poor mom she would have been worried sick, so pleased all is OK but a bit of a bummer having to wear that for so long!
    Thanks for popping over to see me, you asked about the pram thing. its a saying over there, it means like a small child having a temper tantrum and throwing things!!! luckly mom didn't have anything to throw! so acting like a child spat her dummy out lol!!!
    See Yea George xxx
    PS no she doesn't have a dummy ;)

  9. Oh my Ryker....that sounds awful painful and no fun to have to wear that thing for three whole weeks. I hope you feel better SOON!

  10. Aww, Ryker, that sounds painful! I'm glad you're home and okay, though. Blueberry says she feels your pain. She has to wear her splint on her broken toe for six weeks, with the bag on it outside, too. She's supposed to be resting as much as possible, too!


  11. Oh Ryker!! We were hoping you were playing dress up! Charlie cut his pad on the ice the other day but WOW you poor puppy (and poor mom!) :( Remember to use those pretty eyes for some sympathy lovings and extra treats! Get Well Soon! ...oh and considering Alaska is your home... I am assuming you'll still have snow in 3 weeks! So chin up! :)

  12. Hope your boo boo gets better soon, poor baby
    Benny & Lily

  13. PS..Ryker...tks for the Birthday Wishes...take care!

  14. I'm so sorry you have a boo-boo, but I'm glad it got fixed right away and that you don't have to wear the cone of shame.

    Healing vibes to you,
    Oskar & Pam

  15. Ouch, Ryker. The worst part of that was the ban from romping in snow. We can't imagine something so bad.

    Best of healing thoughts to you.

  16. How did I miss this???!!!! Poor Ryker, I didn't know til I started reading older posts! I think you're a very brave boy to leave that bandage alone, as everyone knows a bandage is a chewing magnet. Get well soon!!!


  17. oh my goodness!! I am glad to hear he is doing ok after the ordeal...how are YOU doing Mom?

  18. OH, POOR PUP!! Hope your feelin' better in no time (and healing quickly too!) :)

  19. Wow! What a scary thing you all experienced! I'm pretty sure I would flip out if I saw one of my dogs bleeding. I'm glad your surgery went well, and you were reunited with your mom so quickly. Take care of that paw, and milk the injury for all the treats you can! xoxo


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