Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cheap Fun

Who knew I could have so much fun for less than three dollars!  Mama rarely shops at Wal-Mart but she does go there for one item...the big ball!   She came home with two this week...bring on the fun!

Yee Haw!  The game is on!

You might have a little trouble keeping up with me...I'm a blur!

Things were going like gang busters until I chased it up a neighbors drive , around their garage and along their back fence.  The snow is so deep, can you see the top of my head and the ball back by the fence?

Mama said the snow was too deep for her and I was on my own.

So I killed it and brought it back!  This is so much easier than trying to herd it in the snow!

Now I must shake it and tear it to pieces.  That's how its done!

Mama rescued a piece and threw it into the deep snow...

You're a mean Mama!  Help me!!!

So that was a heck of a lot of fun for $2.89     We have so much snow this year that we might break some long standing records!   We  have a leak in the roof that should get fixed as soon as it warms up enough, but we are doing fine and keeping warm, no worries.
Happy Winter!



  1. Oh those are perfect balls for the snow! They are light enough to stay on top. Luna was trying to push her basketball around in our 7" (yes, we got snow!) today, and finding it pretty tough.

  2. I love those balls, and need to get one or two for our pups to play with! I also loved your pictures--The color of the ball along with yours in the snow belong on a card! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

  3. Ut oh. That sure was fun while it lasted
    Benny & Lily

  4. What a great time. We loved the adventure in pictures and we are very jelous of all the snow you have. We had a lot of snow last year and a leaky roof too. Sorry about that.

    But love the attitude.

    Bert and My Vickei

  5. You sure did have a blast with that purple bally Ryker! :D Good kill move too ;)
    Hmmm...so when it snows and you have a leak in the roof does the heater make the snow melt and drip on you in the house? Thinkin yeah butt I bet that snow water tastes real good! I don't think I'd fix the leak. It's rather posh to have a waterfall inside your home ya know ;) Glad you're stayin warm if not dry ;)

    Waggin at ya,

  6. OMG that is alot of snow, great photos, hope you didn't end up with to many snow balls!!! other them the one you where playing with :)
    have a good week
    See Yea George xxx

  7. That looks like SO much fun. Mom will have to look into getting one of those for Bokeh, I bet he would love it to. :)

  8. Oh, Ryker...just love the photos! What fun you had! And we were thinking, wow, and Ryker didn't even pop the balloon...and then we saw the photo of you and the popped balloon! So much fun! Enjoy your snow! We have none...yep, not a flake yet. Maybe February will bring some to us? Or...we could have you send us some snowballs!

  9. That's the right way to play with your ball, Ryker! You did a good job!

    There is so much snow and I love to see you playing in the snow. You look so stunning in those snow pictures and your mom is so good at capturing you in the snow. Great pictures!

  10. Looks like so much fun - love the photos!

  11. Ryker-
    You really know how to get a bang for a buck...well $2.89 worth anyway!!
    Every time we see your state on the weather news....we say, "BOW WOW"! Stay warm and dry up there!


  12. OMD, Ryker! You are the BEST. You've got ball playing down to a science! I'm not sure if I could handle all that snow....I'm still waiting to find out.

  13. That looks like so much fun, and on the cheap too!!

  14. Happy Winter to you too, Ryker! That was a lot of fun for a little bit of money. Maybe we should try that (when the 100 mph wind gusts pass - otherwise, our ball will end up in Kansas)!

    I love your photos. They're beautiful.

  15. Dag-gone-it Ryker, I don't get it. My Vickie saw all the fun you had with the big blue Walmart ball so she went out and got me one.
    I got one lousy toss with it. about 100 feet ofnose pushing rolls then the bounder went flat the minute I caught it.

    Now where is the fun in that.......

    What did I do wrong?

    Worthless blud ball.


  16. ahhh ryker is sooooo cute, cant wait to hear more about what he could get up to next :)

  17. That is the coolest...I see why Mommy buys 2 balls...the teeth can do a serious number on them. Yowsa the news was right, the snow is "outta control Jerry" (Seinfeld reference sorry)...we are so rainy here...unheard of...I guess I'm not complaining! I actually got muddy feet the other day on my visit to the hill in my recent post. I don't show it because I want everyone to think I'm super clean..lol!

  18. That looks like GREAT FUN! I can't believe how much snow you have.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  19. Now that is some major fun! You are King of snow games. Ryker!

    Critter Alley

  20. That does look like tons of fun Ryker!! I can't think of a better way to spend 3 bucks!!


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