Thursday, March 8, 2012

Iditarod Link and Chopper Ride

My Daddy got to fly to Fire Island in a Chopper this week...
 That's my daddy on the right.  Scott on the left works for my daddy's company and is an awesome Frisbee buddy of mine.

This is the pilot and his Heeler Dog

A private company called Tetra Tech wanted internet service on the island as they are looking into building wind turbines for energy production on this island.

Daddy had the pilot buzz our house on the way back, pretty cool!

The Iditarod Dog race is in full swing.  Daddy has a Webcam at check point #9 in McGrath, Alaska if you want to check it out...

I could be a sled dog, that kinda looks like me in the middle with the blue eyes!


  1. Before I even scrolled down far enough to read the caption, I too thought that dog in the centre of the team looked like you!
    The aerial view of your house, we can see your tracks in the back yard, well the tracks where you have to plow through to fetch your toy. Looks like maybe you have been on your roof as well:)
    Oh boy, there's a lot of snow.

    PS. Sandy, I'll bet you can grow garlic, because you have perennials that survive the winter. The snow probably will insulate the ground well enough. They grow lots of garlic in the Okanagan, and that gets colder than here.
    And on the dog treats, if you have a butcher shop close by, check it out for the meat for the dog treats, as the one I go to has the beef heart and liver much cheaper than the grocery store.

    1. Thanks for the tips. Can't wait till planting season. We are going to have such a huge meltdown this Spring. Four roofs collapsed here in town this week!

    2. and it continues to snow...

  2. Wow, that is SO cool that your dad did that. Loved seeing the photo above your house as well. The frisbee dog sounds like he would be great buds with my brother Bokeh. Tried to check out the webcam thing but no clue what I'm doing. haha. Love the husky photos as well. What pretty blue eyes.

  3. How cool that your dad got to fly right over your house! That webcam for the Iditarod is pretty neat, too. You must be having fun watching it!


  4. Ryker,
    You live in a cool place with cool happenings! We have been following the Iditarod...we cheer for Dee Dee Jonrow.

    1. We love Dee Dee, she is a cancer survivor like my mama and they share the same Oncologist. She is am inspiration to all!

  5. That red chopper is cool! It's so wonderful that your dad could fly over your house and got a picture of the house in the air. You've such a big yard for you to play frisbee and boy, I really love your snow; you have so much of it.

    I checked the webcam but didn't see anything moving. Guess it isn't the right time yet.

    1. I think the web can just shoots stills every 3 minutes or so. Last time I checked it you could see dogs bedded down sleeping.

  6. How cool! Love the aerial view of Ryker's house. Snow, snow everywhere!


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