Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What is that I hear?

Mama come quick!  I hear a flapping noise coming from the kitchen cabinet!

What that?  You know about this already.  Well fill me in,  I hate being kept in the dark!

Well, just so happens a certain cat brought another bird in the house.

  It flew up on top of the kitchen cabinets and then fell into the little triangular space behind the corner cabinet and was trapped in there.

Daddy had to get the drill and make holes so it could get out, then he took it outside and it flew away!
Now mama has a big mess to clean up but she doesn't mind, she says she just loves a happy ending!

Now speaking of birds, check this guy out.  He was just sitting in a tree watching me.
Bet the cats won't be bringing this one inside!



  1. Yep think the cat might leave that one alone? Cats Hey!

    Your Pals
    The Mad Scots

  2. A bird in the house, oh my!!! Careful of that big gorgeous one
    Benny & Lily

  3. Silly kitty! Glad your dad was kind enough to make a hole in the house to save the bird's life.

  4. Oh I love a happy ending. Just warmed me up to hear how you and your parents took such care to free the birdy. Bet it was ever so grateful. Kitty might watch out for the big one int he tree. Or kitty might find it's self in a big birds nest.

  5. Ha! I hope he leaves that bird outside! I'm glad all's well that ends well! :)


  6. Wow, on the eagle photo!!
    I'll bet that triangular hole at the top of the cabinets got filled in so that never happens again:)
    Yay for the happy ending.

  7. Love the joke...too funny!

    Be careful with that bald headed eagle...he could scoop you up and no I won't go there!

    Just be careful!


  8. You did a good deed rescuing that poor bird. I love the eagle picture...it's beautiful!

    Critter Alley

  9. Ha! That was quite the trick to get that little birdie back outside where it belonged. Glad it was okey dokey :)

    Gorgeous Bald Eagle photo you got! WOW WOW WOW! Such beautiful regal creatures :)

    Waggin at ya,

  10. Beautiful Bald Eagle. You are so blessed to have such wonderful wildlife in your yard!

  11. Had to find ya after your remark of talking smack about Chubby over at Lily and Benny's place...that cracked me up. Then joining was a must!:) How nice that you guys saved the bird!! Your cat's face was hilarious too! Wow, I can't imagine seeing a bald eagle in my backyard here in Houston, Texas ever!! How beautiful!!!!


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