Tuesday, March 30, 2010


We got a little rain and the weather has warmed so things are starting to melt now. Mom can now wear a light jacket and no gloves or hat to the park.  

   Saw my good friend Abby the Aussie and her nice man.

We also ran into Cleo the Beagle/Dachshund mix (she got that Egyptian eyeliner thing goin' on).
Here I am teaching her the joys of Tug-a-War.
Then we ran across this little thing...it smelled like a dog but I don't think it was...maybe a Gerbil???
 Piper and Cleo weren't quite sure either,              very strange...

Mom said it was a Brussels Griffon.                           They are both pretty darn cute!

 Check out my muscles!                                         Oh, Drat, it's stuck in the bushes.
Is bigger better???    Mom said she better not answer that one.     ?

Can't catch me...I fly like the wind!                       But I'll catch ya later!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

More new Friends at the Dog Park!

Met some cool doggies at the Dog Park. A red merel Aussie named Chai, a very sweet Golden puppy named Lilly, and a Siberian Husky named Willow.

Hey Willow, that's my stick!!

 Chai is a barky guy,  he has a lot to say!

Me and Chai catching our breath...

               OK, got it back, lets go!

Tug-a-War...one of my favorite games! Lilly is a great playmate, we are pretty well matched.  Know tellin' who's gonna win this battle.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Mom said if I'm gonna be a Therapy Dog I have to get use to different situations, so she took me with her to a face casting workshop that her friend Erin Pollock and  Steph were doing.                                  http://www.keseypollock.com/wax.html

That is Erin on the the right and Steph Kese on the left.  They let me come in the studio and hang out while they made huge messes and nobody yelled at them. What up with that?

Here I am trying to mooch a snack!

Mom casted Grandma's face...pretty cool! Looks like grandma when she's sleeping.

It was a fun long day. Mom said she was proud of me for being well behaved. I was proud of her too. Just look how happy she made Grandma!

Free my Wiggle Butt!

Mom took me to Petco the other day.  She got all excited because they were doing Free Pet Photos. It was a real pain except for the treats.  They wanted me to wear another hat!  I hat hats!!! Except to chew up, they're good for that.

Mom said she really liked my pictures but they weren't all free.  She must have been happy with me cuz she bought me some chewy bones and a squeaky ball!

Petco Rocks!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

More Snow???

OK all you lucky ducks enjoying spring out there. We just got another foot of the fluffy white stuff. Here I am trudging through it chasing my Frisbee and the Big Blue Orb.
No Dog Park today, we went to the sports field just down the road from our house. Big open areas to run and play. It is open to dogs but there are not many that come here.  Mom says in the summer there is a group of Aussie's that herd big orbs like mine here very week.

Whooo hooo, I'm a snowplow!!!

Mom had me chasing the Big Blue all over the place. That snow was pretty deep in places and I had to keep my head up if ya know what I mean.  I sure hope I get an extra serving of chow tonight, this is hard work!

I must say it is a beautiful day out, sunny but cold!

 Hope you are all have a great day.  Catch ya later!

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