Sunday, October 31, 2010



Oh Boy, it's our favorite Holiday!  Mom gets a little wacky on  October 31st.

                                           Look what I dug up. I hope mom lets me take it home!

                            Oh my, it ran away and slimbed up a tree, whoops climbed up the tree.

                            I think it's scared of me and my big chompers.  I do enjoy a good bone!

                                                           It does smell pretty good...

                               Oh yeah, definitely want to bring this thing home and work on it.
                                   Mom, go get the car before it makes a run for it.  Hurry!

                          Did I say mom gets wacko this time of year? Well here is the evidence...

                                     Eeewww, Help!   Somebody get the rabid cat off of me!!!

                                                                  BOO !!!

Here are a few costumes I tried out but rejected...

                                                        Here I am in my costume that mom made me...Mom has a few names for me in it,  but that will be tomorrows post.
Those kids should be here soon...I smell candy


                                                                      Ready for a treat????


                                            Have a Spooktacular Howl-o-ween!  

                                            You know I will!



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