Thursday, December 26, 2013

The joys of Christmas!

I hope all my friends had a very Merry Christmas!

Oh Boy, Santa was good to me again this year.  I was a good dog!
Just look at all the presents under the tree...and I think they are all for me!

While mama is enjoying her eggnog I'm a gonna open my presents!  Oh, and this is special eggnog that is made by very good friends of hers.  It would not be Christmas without Ron & Nancy's eggnog!  Mama says it "packs a punch"!

Oh looky, my friend Ty gave me a squeaky Moose!  I have not had a squeaky toy in forever. Mama says I used to tear the squeaker out of all my toys so she stopped bringing them home to me.

Thank You Ty, I will try to restrain myself and treat it with love.

How did he know I love moose?

Santa brought me a Wooly Ball!  I loves wool...and sheep...

I had to give it a trial run outside...

It passed the test...it's a keeper!!!

It's nice and soft on the teeth!

Santa also got me my favorite Frisbee!  It glows in the Alaskan dark winters and is also soft on the teeth!  I like to take good care of my toothers.

How do ya like this pose?

I am one super happy boy!!!  I love Christmas!

I just had to try on daddy's head set...
(I'm winkin" at ya Paula)

Cool, I look COOL!

Santa brought the kitties some presents too (not sure why).

They had bunches of fun playing with their catnip mice and little wooly ball.

I rather liked tha little wooly ball and stole it away for myself...now that I have slobbered all over it they won't want it!

So as you can tell we had a howling good time this Christmas!

But let us not forget the reason for the season.  Love, forgive, be kind and giving.

Give Thanks and pray for those in need.

I and my family are blessed. 


Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas to All!

Our Christmas card for you...

Kosmo wants to wish you all a Merry Christmas...

And Karma..

And Mort too!

I've been a good boy Santa, except for a little counter surfing now and then.  Please leave me some goodies under the tree and I really need a new Frisbee.

Wishing  you some Christmoose cheer in the coming New Year!

Hope you are all decorated for the Holidays!


Monday, December 16, 2013

I love the Holidays and I love Winter!

Oh Boy, you gotta check out the ornament Mollie & Alfie made for me... it's a mini me!
Thank you!  http://www.molliesdogtreats.co.uk/

On the 14th we set a record for snowfall and I have been having a good ole time!

Yup, you guessed it...playing in the snow again!

 You just can't keep a good dog down!

But you might have to dig him out!

I am giving it my all and then some!

One must take full advantage of the perfect weather conditions.

Cuz you never know when the weather will change.

There is a saying here, "Don't like the weather, just blink"

Whooo hoooo!

Day or night...

You know where to find me...

Enjoying my little slice of heaven!


Sunday, December 8, 2013

Gingerbread Village with Assistant Chef Ryker

Yay, it's that time of year again and you know what that means . . .  

. . . that's right, my Uncle Joe Hickel, the Pastry Chef at the Hotel Captain Cook Anchorage, has built his Gingerbread Village again and I gotta go take a look.

This is me an' Uncle Joe in front of the village.  Uncle Joe counts on me to inspect the village and give it the Ryker Sniff of Approval.  That's sorta like a Blue Ribbon, only better.

Let's do a quick photo-op for our fans, Uncle Joe.

And of course I need to say hello to my fans real quick too.

OK.  You ready?  Here's a high-five for luck.  Lemme put on my hat and let's go have a look.

Uncle Joe is explaining how he made the pieces.  He's very clever with gingerbread and candy and chocolate and icing and everything.  

Hey mama, you gettin' this?  Uncle Joe says we can do some close-ups.

Do you get a sense of how big this Village is?  Here's some more!

Isn't that gorgeous?  It takes him about three weeks to build it.  And there's more . . . 

All that detail - I could stare at this for hours . . .

Look over here Mama.  There's even rock pieces showing through the snow.

 Well that is just incredible detail.  And it tastes really good too.  Hey Uncle Joe, I have GOT to know how you did that.

 Uh huh . . . had to cut each piece to size, eh?  Oh, and you put 'em on *after* the icing . . .

. . . really?  Each piece, one at a time?  And you just push 'em right in?  That's very impressive.

 Congratulations Uncle Joe, I hereby award you the coveted Snootersnack Award.

You deserve it Uncle Joe.  I think this is your best Gingerbread Village ever!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everybody from Mama, me and the bestest Uncle Joe a doggie could have.

To see more live views of Pastry Chef Joe Hickel's Gingerbread Village and even a time-lapse video of him building it, you can go to his website here: Gingerbread Village

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