Sunday, June 26, 2011

King Crab!


Mom says one of the great reasons to live in Alaska is the abundance of Alaskan King Crab.  We have been lucky this year to have been gifted  large amounts of King Crab three times this year!  Thank you friends and neighbors!

Scarey looking when alive, but oh so delicious  with drawn lemon-garlic butter or made into yummy crab cakes!

Mom says cleaning them is hard work and sometimes involves a band-aid or two!  But well worth the effort.

This is making me drool...                succulent!

Oh boy, King Crabby Patties!

Oh mama, I hope your cooking one of those for me.

No worries, I did get some, and it was darn good too!

awesome...Alaskan King Crab fresh out of the hot pot!


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