Saturday, October 2, 2010

They are back.....

Well OK, they never go too far as they live in the park that surrounds our neighborhood. They mostly hang out inside the neighborhood because we have all the delicacies like my vegi garden and clematis vines, etc. The twins are getting big!

So we stoped for a few quick shots and then on to the Pet Zoo! We have Petco and next month Pet Smart is opening...but one of my favorites is Pet Zoo and I will show you why.

They have all the usual goodies....

Oh yum, these smell tasty

Ahhh, this is the best reason to come to Pet Zoo. They put bunnies, ferrets and guinea pigs on the floor in pens so they can run around and tease me! Today is is just bunnies. I like this big one. Look how good I can sit when mom makes me! It takes Enormous self control !!!

OK, all out of self control...I gotta get in the action!

OK, I"ll admit that I did chase the bunny around in his pen till he knocked over his food dish and made a ruckus. But can you blame me? I got very excited, and apparantly so did he! Mom took me away :(
and we bought food and a glowing blue ball that I fell in love with...now we can even play ball in the dark!
I Love Pet Zoo outings!

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