Friday, December 10, 2010

Frozen digits at 11pm


Yup, I think mom was trying to freeze off her fingers and toes.  It was 11pm and she was outside with no shoes or gloves and her camera is blazing away.  She wouldn't let me come out and join in the fun.  Do I look happy?

                        Well, here are the results of her near frostbitten foray at 6 degrees.

                          ( Looks like the rose bush is getting a pruning...it needed it anyhow.)

                             ( A young moose, probably one of last years babies. Curious but shy.)

                                                  (Really cute, check out those ears!)

        ( And of course it is blissfully munching away on my Clematis. Could of bet money on that one)

( I really love that we have moose wander in and out of our yard on a regular basis.  Puts me in touch with nature and the bigger picture.  It's not all about us, we share this world with so many amazing creatures! )

( OK, I can no longer feel my fingers or toes.  Time to get back in the warm house and comfort my dog.
He really wanted to be out here to protect me, but it probably would have worked out the other way.)            

                              I hope you all enjoy the pictures of the little Christmas Moose.

                   MERRY CHRISTMOOSE   TO ALL,
                 AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT!


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