Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bears and Summer Fun!

Oh my, where to start?  Weather here has been windy, partly sunny one day and rain the next.  Bears are out trying to take advantage of Moose calving season.  We had a brown bear spotted just one house down from us.
Unfortunately it was shot and killed the next day, very sad.


 This is a photo of a black bear and her three cubs taken in Anchorage as they cross a neighborhood street.  

We do not see many bears in our neighborhood so it was exciting.  We are not pleased with the outcome as the bear was not showing aggression but had just killed a moose calf.  That's what bears do, they have to eat too.

Anyhow,  when the weather is fine you know where you'll find me...
Just doing the Awesome Aussie Tuck!

And helping mama with the garden...

                                   African Daisies


                         Rose tree of China

                     Shooting stars



Moss garden in Tu-fa planter

Columbine  bud

                                Another Primrose



So I have learned it is better to be a dog in the yard than a bear in the hood.  Happy Summer!


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