Saturday, March 3, 2012

Look what I got !!!

That's right, true to her word Mama made sure I got a new red ball!   Hooray!

This is what happens when you kick my ball with bare feet...not a good idea  : )      Whoops, I was really sorry about that.
Put some lotion on those feet!

And here is Oda, she is the friend that we gave my old red ball to because she fell in love with it and it was the nice thing to do.

Oda just loves cats.  She doesn't have any at her house and she just stares and stares and tries to make friends so bad when she finds one of ours...usually Karma, as in this photo.  Trust me, she is just a big softy.

Mama says Hi and Thank You All.  She is feeling better everyday  :)

Oh, and it is still snowing...


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