Sunday, October 20, 2013

Lookin' Back At Summer!

Mama an' me drove to Taku Lake many times last summer.  I went swimming and made a lot of friends there.  Lemme show you what you're missing.

Here's mama drivin' me to the lake.  Can you see me in the window?

This is a big rock thing at the lake.  Mama says it has writing on it that tells people that the lake was made to remember another person.  I don't know how that works, but she said I'm not allowed to pee there either.

Here's a bigger view of the lake.  Ain't it pretty?

Here's a picture of the sky on one of the days we were at the lake.  Mama says the angels are fingerpainting.

There's a trail at the lake and me an' Daddy went for a walk.

From up here on the bridge, you can see Campbell Creek.  It's right by the lake.

It's a pretty little creek and jam-packed with bushes, plants and lots of little critters.

 There's a couple of broken trees here.  I bet Joey did that.  You'll meet him in a few minutes.

Of course, I went swimming . . .

And so did the Duck family.  In the front is Duckbert.  The second in line is Kwacko and Cindy's in the back.  They came to say Hi and Mama says she's embarrassed because she forgot to bring some bread.

 And a little bit more swimming . . . 


Oh look, there's Virgil.  He comes by pretty often when I'm here.

 "Hi Oda!"  That's my girlfriend, Oda.  She likes to come watch me swim.

Bruno the Eagle lives here too.  He likes to sit up in the tree and watch over the lake.  Every now and again he swoops down on the lake and catches a fish.  One time, I saw him swoop down twice in a row and fly back to his tree with one fish in each claw.  He had to drop one when he landed.

Ah, there's Joey.  Mama says I gotta stay outta the water when Joey swims by.  Sometimes beavers can be in a bad mood and don't want doggies swimming near them.  Joey's always been cool though.

Beavers got big teeth.  Better to be safe than a sorry doggie, I always say.  This is some of Joe's work:

 Here he comes.  He must be lookin' for something.

Where ya goin', Joey?

Oh, I see.  You're gonna have yourself a beaversnack.

Well, I gotta towel off for now.  Next week, we'll learn more about Joey and meet even more friends of mine from the summer.  I bet you can't wait.  Me either!

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