Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Madness...Do I live in war zone???


New Years Eve started out just great.  Mom gave me raw Ox tails for dinner...man oh man, I have a new favorite food.  Yummy good!

                                             Do I look like I'm blissing out? Well, I was!

                                      Then after that wonderful meal the twins came for a visit...

                                                        This is the smaller of the two.

So after all that fun we went for a walk and bombs started going off.  Mom said this is the first year in like 25 years that fireworks are legal in the city limits. The whole city was lit up!  There was so much noise! Loud booms, rat-a-tat- tats, screamers and zingers. I thought we were at war and right in the middle of it.  Stars were falling from the sky!
I was scared.  Mom took me home and gave me some of that nasty Rescue Remedy and held me in the snuggle bed.  After a couple hours it let up and mom gave me a marrow bone.  So everything it fine now and the dog park is awaiting...see ya!             Oh, and Happy New Year!


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