Saturday, September 20, 2014

Autumn in my Alaskan World

Greetings from my neck of the woods.

Fall is upon us in all it's rainy glory!

It has been said that Alaska does not have fall colors like the East Coast.  I have never been east but I beg to differ!

 I have found  that the fall season in Alaska is full of wonderful smells and bright colors.  It may be my favorite time of year except for all the rain.

Mama says I look good in fall colors   :)

I think she looks good in everything...especially my dog hair and slobber!

Pickles would look good in fall colors too.  Here she is trying her paw at fishing!

We are sharing some treats together...

I still adore my little kitten and we play together constantly!  She is the best kitten ever!!!

Mama still likes to photograph her, which takes the strain off of me a bit  :)

Pickles seems to enjoy the attention, most of the time.  Looks like she is dissing mama at the moment!

Oh, there she is, looking cute again!

Our flowers are still going strong even with termination dust (snow) on the mountain tops.  One good freeze will bring them to an end any day now.

Fall season is rainy season around here.  I am not a huge fan of rain.

But it does taste pretty good when I get thirsty!

And I don't let it stop me from having a good time!

I love to swim so getting wet is not that big of a deal as long as I get to play.
My friend Kirsten gave me this HUGE Frisbee!  I like it!

So there you have it, finally mama updated my Blog.  She says she has a super busy assignment at work this year with all the cut-backs and she is tired and has less time to spend on the computer.  As long as she doesn't cut back on my play time I can deal with it! 

Hope you like the Colors of Alaskan Fall.  Changing seasons are a wonderful thing.

     I want to wish all of you a colorful Autumn.  I am counting the days till Howl-o-ween!


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