Saturday, February 5, 2011

Grandma love is the best love


Most of you know that my grandma is 90 and lives with us.  I consider myself a very luck pup.  Grandmas spoil you and they drop a lot of food if your lucky  ; )      Here's  a whole slew of photos with me and grandma.  Mickie,  grandmas cat wiggled his way into a few of the shots.  Silly cats!

There you have it.  Mom says all her grandparents had passed on by the time she was two years old so she doesn't remember them.  So sad.  Too bad I didn't get to meet my grandpa.  Mom says I would have loved him and him me.  He was a dog person and really good at training dogs too.  He trained terriers and poodles to retrieve ducks!  His duck dogs would put the Labradors to shame out on the flats. He he, would have liked to have seen that!


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