Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

We want to wish all our friends a very Happy Thanksgiving. We are so thankful to have you all in our life.  Eat, Drink and be Thankful!

I am also very thankful that mama is not in hospital and feeling good enough to cook us a Thanksgiving feast.  Sure she admits she relied heavily on Costco this year but it sure does taste fine!
She ended up in the ER with an infection, was mis-diagnosed, two days later her doctor got her started on the right treatment.  I was gonna show you a picture of her arm but that would just ruin your turkey day, suffice to say she is on the mend and plans to return to work on Monday.

The cranberry-cornbread-sausage stuffing from Costco was yummy!  Homemade cranberry sauce, home grown carrots.   A precooked turkey breast, and real mashed potatoes with turkey gravy...delicious!

Cooking tip: be sure and mix some butter in your dressing...nothing worse than a constipated dry bird!

UH oooo

Hey mama, don't eat it all, save me some.  I know I already ate but it is Turkey day!


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